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  • How was lunch dear?

    北鼻 好吃嗎?

  • It was good! You should bring me to Bangkok. I wanna go to

    好好吃喔~ 欸 帶人家去曼谷嘛 我想去…

  • Oh, I’ll bring you there next month!

    好呀 下個月就帶你去!

  • Really? It would be awesome!

    真的嗎!? 好棒喔!

  • You know Melody? She showed me this bag she bought.

    你記得美樂蒂嗎? 她給我看她買的包包

  • It’s so nice! So cheap! She bought it from Bangkok.

    超好看又超便宜! 是在曼谷買的

  • Very nice. Very nice. -- I hope I could buy also.

    好 好(敷衍) --人家也想買一個~

  • Yah.

    嗯 (敷衍)

  • Oh, let me get that.


  • Thanks dear!


  • Youre welcome.


  • It’s weekend. Shall we go to the zoo?

    週末到了耶~ 我們去動物園吧!

  • Yeah! Let’s go! --Yehey!

    走吧! --耶~!

  • Weekend ready. Going or not?

    週末到了 出去玩?

  • Stay home.


  • Eh! Very hot!

    吼 很熱誒!

  • Ain’t nobody got time for that.


  • Uhm, could you excuse me for a moment?

    呃 不好意思 失陪一下

  • Sure!

  • (fart) Oh!


  • Dear, you know what day it is today?

    北鼻 你知道今天是什麼日子嗎

  • Of course!


  • Happy anniversary sweetheart!

    寶貝 交往紀念日快樂

  • Dear, you know what day it is today?

    親愛的 你知道今天是什麼日子嗎

  • Tuesday?


  • I’m so sorry, sweetheart!

    甜心 真的很對不起~

  • It’s okay. It’s my fault too.

    沒關係啦 我也有錯

  • You!!!


  • You look at the woman! The one! The one!


  • It’s just a TV! I’m just watching TV!

    那只是電視!! 我在看電視而已!

  • Is that alright if I hang out with the guys tonight?


  • Of course! You don’t need my permission for that.

    當然可以囉 這不用我允許吧

  • Can I go out with the guys tonight?


  • Of course! You don’t need my permission for that.

    廢話 我准不准有差嗎

  • Hey, what are you looking at?

    欸 你在看啥

  • Nothing! Eat! Eat!

    沒事啦 快吃快吃

  • Hi everybody! I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

    嗨 大家 希望你們喜歡這支影片

  • Well, as you can tell, I’m having a really bad sore throat.

    如你所見 我喉嚨不太舒服

  • So let the boys take care of you.


  • This is TreePotatoes, our new Youtube channel

    嗨 這是我們的新頻道 樹薯

  • where were gonna be producing comedies, skits, and short film concepts for you guys.


  • And well be releasing videos every Tuesday.


  • That’s right! If you enjoy the video, please go ahead and like the video.

    沒錯! 喜歡這個影片的話 請幫忙按讚

  • Subscribe to our channel.


  • Of course, share it with your friends.


  • Main point is guys, we are back!

How was lunch dear?

北鼻 好吃嗎?

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