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  • These three Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors look the same very much

    這三支韋恩智慧型組合剪刀 它們都長得很像

  • But they have different characters

    雖然長得很像 但是它們的個性是不一樣的

  • This 4E in my left side removes much more hair volume

    在我的左邊它是4E 這一支去量比較多

  • The other two 4Eb remove less hair volume without tool marks

    另外這兩支去量比較少 而且沒有刀痕是叫4Eb

  • They are designed by using the interlocking device to combine together with ease

    結合機構的部分設計得很方便 利用它可組裝扣在一起

  • Though my hand is not bigger than others


  • It's very easy for me to hold and use it this way

    它拿起來讓我在現場很輕鬆 直接用這樣的方式操作

  • The quality of this model is very good her eyes are very beautiful

    今天這位模特兒的條件很好 她眼睛非常漂亮

  • I dyed her hair in purple with red

    在她的髮色強調以紫色系 帶點紫紅的顏色染髮

  • I want to cut by easy way so I texturize it directly without sectioning

    我想要以比較輕鬆的方式剪髮 所以我不分線直接調量

  • As her hair flow is not smooth I texturize a little bit more hair volume inside for her

    因為她頭髮不乖 我把裡面的部分 調得比較少一點點

  • It creates her hair short and thin inside long and thick outside with bob effect

    創造內短內薄 外厚長的包覆感

  • Seeing from her profile, three-D of her hair has been shaped because I have adjusted her hair volume already

    因為調整好量感 所以從側面看 頭髮的澎度已經呈現出來

  • Now, I just cut here to create the length I need

    我從這個地方 直接去剪到我設定的髮長

  • Customers will rest assured when you are cutting their hair because they will know exactly how long of the length it will be

    客人在這樣裁剪過程中也會感到很放心 可以清楚知道要的髮長在哪裡

  • I use Vern Intelligent Combined Super Curve Scissors-4N


  • It could be used for not only single pair


  • But also two pairs combined together by the interlocking device

    也可以利用這個結合機構的部分 將兩支組合在一起

  • I texturize the hair volume first


  • To create the impression of space and then cut the length

    用這個方法來剪鮑伯頭 先將頭髮的空間感給呈現出來

  • A perfect Bob hairstyle is finished this way

    再做輪廓裁剪 這樣剪出來的髮型包覆性非常好

  • When you cut simply and fast customers maybe say you are not serious

    有時候用這樣簡單快速的方法剪髮 剪太快客人會說你隨便剪

  • It's a conceptual issue


  • We need to learn how to promote yourself during cutting process

    我們要學習在剪的過程中 去包裝自己

  • you should have the courage of expressing yourself

    我覺得要多一點勇氣 去表達自己的感情

  • We are all the same Hairdressers need to grow up together

    我們一直很希望大家來觀看研習 設計師需要一起成長

  • Renewing your ideas takes time So that's why we always hope you could attend our seminars

    觀念的改造需要時間培養 大家都是一樣的

  • The whloe team from the Europe America and Korea came to Vern classes in Taiwan

    歐美各國及韓國整個團隊 來韋恩上課

  • I am very surprised at their attitudes toward learning


  • All of them come from a great background They are all very outstanding with experience in hairdressing industry for two or three decades

    他們每一個都是有很強背景的技師 都是擁有二、三十年經歷

  • They know exactly what they want thus their attitude is so different

    他們很清楚知道這是他們要的 表現出來的態度就是不一樣

  • They still came to Vern to learn a faster and more efficient way to cut with Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors even the language difference

    即使語言不通 他們還是要來韋恩學 學習既快、效果又好的韋恩智慧型組合剪刀剪法

  • If your customers are not willing or afraid to color hair


  • we won't earn money from this kind of customers


  • Having Color Hair Extensions you could apply to any section you want

    但是你有這樣的彩色髮片 你就可以裝在很多地方

  • Circle it like this and then it is done

    像是這樣 繞幾圈再扣上就可以

  • After blow-drying I highlight the contour line

    吹整好之後 我把輪廓線再強調一下

  • These details need to be done to let the customer feel you are really diligent in her hair

    這些細節都是需要做的 客人能感受到你是非常用心在幫她做處理

  • Then I cut here short to let the round style with a bit of characteristic beauty

    這邊我把它剪短成圓弧的造型 讓它帶有一點個性的美感

  • And make the purle hair inside stand out to emphasize the color I designed

    並把裏層的紫色髮片跳脫出來 強調我所設計的髮色

  • We all want to design a characteristic hairstyle


  • with customer satisfacation to reach higher rate of returned customer

    又能讓客人滿意 達到較高的回客率

  • Design a characteristic middle-long hairstyle


  • with segment of colors and contrast to left and right length like this

    像這樣做出顏色上的區隔 左右長度的對比

  • Keep it balance You would satisfy your customers and fulfill yourself

    在這之間達到平衡 就可以滿足客人也成就自己

  • Because I have adjusted the hair volume at the back


  • The curved contour line could be dealt with very beautifully by using 4N

    用4N彎刀去做處理的時候 髮型的弧度可以控制得非常漂亮

  • This is the end of my cutting


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These three Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors look the same very much

這三支韋恩智慧型組合剪刀 它們都長得很像


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B1 中級 中文 客人 韋恩 髮型 髮色 頭髮 剪刀

鮑勃與圓潤的Bang/fringe中長髮對比髮型的女士由櫻桃,Vern髮型 22 (Bob with a rounded Bang/fringe Mid-long contrastive haircuts for lady by Cherry, Vern Hairstyles 22)

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