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  • Hello Besties!

  • Today I'm going to show you what you can do with curls that are a couple days old and

  • have lost their bounce!

  • Let's get started! Curls are awesome but after the first day they get kind of flat and floppy.

  • So rather than heat styling and risking damage, here's what I usually do!

  • Leaving your fringe alone, brush all your hair upwards into a high pony tail.

  • Don't brush through the curls, you want them to really messy and poufy.

  • But not SO messy that your curls try to eat your hair brush!

  • So now you can go one of two ways: You can give it a twist like this and then

  • pin the curls to your head... Or you can cheat like me! This is way easier

  • but looks a little different. Just use an elastic hair band and pull it

  • up into a really high pony tail. Now just pull all the hair forward and fluff

  • it out! Fluff it out as much as you can so it's super

  • huge and messy. Use some volumising powder if you want to

  • go extreme! Looks a little weird like this, but once you

  • scrunch it up towards the band... ...and start pinning it in place....

  • You can form it into whatever shape you want, big or small, wide or tall!

  • And it just looks like a big curly bun that you actually put effort into!

  • Now just style your fringe so that it matches! I like to curl my little side bits as well.

  • Minimal heat styling for the win! I always use a heat protector but even then a flat

  • iron is around 180 celcius Heat like that is always going to do some

  • damage, so give your hair the occasional break! And as Violet always says: hairspray the bajeebus

  • out of it! Once you're sure all the pins are hidden,

  • add some accessories! A head band, huge bow or just something little,

  • go with what you feel works best with your outfit.

  • There are lots of different ways to wear this one and it's a good alternative to a plain

  • old ordinary bun. It's very quick to do and with no damaging

  • styling plus you get to wear your curls for an extra day!

  • This style is also really great for travelling. I won't tell anyone we started with old curls

  • if you don't ;-) Thanks so much for watching, bye!

Hello Besties!


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開學囉!女孩這樣的捲毛真好看(髮式教學) How To Style Old Curls - Messy Curly Bun Hairstyle Tutorial - Violet LeBeaux

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