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  • There's an vast ocean full of choices when searching for programmable controllers and

  • other automation hardware and IF you purchase via traditional distribution channels, well,

  • you know how it goes: first you have to negotiate the price and hope you aren't being taken

  • advantage of and then you have to wait weeks to get it shipped and you have to pay for

  • that slow shipping or it's not going anywhere. Oh, and then you find out you have to pay

  • for software .. and you have to pay for additional copies of the software to support your field

  • staff. And don't forget those annual software maintenance fees you have to pay for ... And

  • then you have to pay for tech support. And the more time goes by, the more of a burden

  • these costs become, year after year after year.

  • But not with AutomationDirect. Clear online product pricing means no more

  • negotiating -- you just add it to your cart. Shipping is always FREE At AutomationDirect

  • on any order over 49 bucks. You get your order FAST because orders ship

  • the same day they are placed from a huge in stock inventory.

  • Software for AutomationDirect's latest PLCs is always free and there are never annual

  • maintenance fees for that software. Need help? AutomationDirect has been voted

  • number 1 in customer service by industry professionals like you every year since 2000 and you can

  • always reach AutomationDirect's support for free by phone, e-mail or live chat and you

  • will talk to a live person here in the US in minutes -- no more waiting to get the answers

  • you need. And Automation Directs support doesn't stop there -- it also includes: Free tutorial

  • training videos and product quickstarts, Free online documentation and manuals, Free software

  • updates, Free User Forums, Free Sample code, and Free 2-D and 3-D CAD models.

  • So if you want smooth sailing, with fast shipping, free shipping, no annual maintenance fees,

  • no support fees, free software, free software updates, free tech support, the best customer

  • service in the industry, and a 30 day money back guarantee, then come aboard with AutomationDirect.

  • You'll be glad you did.

There's an vast ocean full of choices when searching for programmable controllers and


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如何購買PLC (How to Buy a PLC)

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