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  • I'm Charlie Todd, this is Mission Report

  • this week we're gonna take a behind the scenes look

  • at our newest video, A Christmas Story in Real Life

  • if you haven't seen it, be sure to watch it now

  • it's the final installment of the first season of

  • Movies in Real Life, stick around for the end

  • we're gonna talk a little bit about the series

  • wrap things up, and also a big announcement for

  • the upcoming No Pants Subway Ride and how you can get involved

  • my name is Sebastian Thomas and I'm playing Schwartz

  • I'm Josh and I'm playing Flick, I'm Milo Delaney and I'm playing Ralphie

  • it's really funny

  • the funniest part about it is trying to keep a straight face during the whole time

  • but it's gonna be interesting

  • the best part about it is people on the train don't know we're doing this

  • I expect for people to be like, mixed emotions like what is going on

  • I expect people to make a face like..

  • yeah something like that probably

  • we'll have a camera on this pole, right Illya?

  • yup

  • and we're gonna have Chloe and Dennis sitting here

  • and they'll be filming you guys, but you guys don't need to worried about that

  • but in general the way you're facing, try to face this way

  • so the doors have shut, the train starts moving, and that's your cue to start

  • you're full of beans and so is your old man

  • oh yeah

  • yeah

  • oh yeah

  • yeah!

  • well, I double dog dare you to stick your tongue on that pole

  • huh? are you kidding? stick my tongue on that stupid pole, that's dumb

  • and Milo through all this you're just increasingly shocked, and you know

  • eyes nice and big (laughter)

  • well, I triple dog dare you

  • alright, alright

  • well go on smartass, do it

  • I'm going, I'm going

  • this is nuts....stuck?....stuck....stuck!!!!! (screams)

  • it really works

  • how did it go today guys?

  • I thought it went well

  • I thought it went very well, it was really funny

  • and it was also very hot and sweaty

  • it was a warmer day than we expected

  • I'll second that

  • I thought it went really well, getting my tongue stuck to the pole was a challenge

  • because it was hard to not let it slip because it was all shaking and I was screaming

  • at the same time so it was hard to keep it from sliding to the left or down

  • it's actually a prosthetic tongue which our team custom created

  • with a magnet at the end of it which sticks to the subway pole

  • so our actor who was playing Flick just quickly had to do that...."stuck...stuck...stuck.." that's it

  • alright, I hope you guys enjoyed that

  • that was the final episode of the first season of

  • Movies in Real Life, people have been asking us in the comments

  • if we're gonna do more, I hope so, we might do a second season

  • at some point, or we might just do random one off episodes

  • if you have movies that you think we should do, please leave them in the comments

  • we love hearing your suggestions, also

  • I want to say thank you to all of our subscribers

  • this has been a really big experiment for us, we've never done a series before

  • we've never done weekly episodes before, and I want to thank you guys

  • for sticking with us for ten weeks and watching all these videos

  • sharing them on Facebook, and spreading the word about Improv Everywhere

  • if you haven't seen the series, I'm gonna put a link to a playlist up

  • watch all of them, they're ten of them, we're proud of all of them

  • I hope you guys like them too, let us know in the comments what your favorite video was

  • of this first season, and finally an announcement about our

  • upcoming No Pants Subway Ride, you might have seen our

  • No Pants Subway Ride videos in the past, we do them every January

  • the event happens in New York City but also in sixty cities around the world

  • so it might be happening at a city near you, we just announced the date

  • of our No Pants Subway Ride and it's going to be on

  • Sunday, January 12th, and please go to

  •, check out information on participating, RSVP on Facebook

  • for New York, or whatever city you live in, if you're in a city where they don't have

  • a No Pants Subway Ride, maybe you're gonna be the one to start it

  • it's a lot of fun, and look for that video which will be coming out

  • shortly after the event in January, thanks a lot

  • have a great holiday and we'll see you guys next year

I'm Charlie Todd, this is Mission Report


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