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  • If you've ever ordered something at Starbucks, you've probably loaded one of these.

    - [旁白]如果你曾經在星巴克點過東西。你可能已經加載了其中的一個。

  • Starbucks, between October and December, said something like $3 billion of value is loaded onto these cards.

    - 星巴克,10月至12月期間已經有大約30億美元的價值 被加載到這些卡上。

  • I mean, that's a lot of money.


  • So much money, in fact, that if Starbucks was a bank, it would rank as the 385th biggest in the country.

    - [旁白]事實上,這麼多錢。如果星巴克是一家銀行。 它將被列為全國第385大。

  • And it's money that Starbucks gets to use upfront as revenue before a single product is even purchased.


  • Eventually, it is a liability if someone chooses to use it, and you will find that in lots of gift card programs, they're plenty of people who never use it.

    - 最終,如果有人選擇使用它,它就是一種責任。而你會發現, 在許多禮品卡項目中。 有很多人從不使用它。

  • So, how important is Starbucks' mobile app and gift cards to its bottomline?

    - [旁白]那麼,星巴克的移動應用程序有多重要?和禮品卡對其底線的影響?

  • And what role does technology play in its continued evolution?


  • This is the Economics of Starbucks.


  • In 1971, the first Starbucks, a small unassuming cafe, opened in Seattle's downtown.


  • Fast forward 50 years, and that store is still in operation, but Starbucks is a global coffee giant.


  • Only McDonald's is bigger than Starbucks when it comes to market caps, so, they are really a powerhouse when it comes to, really, the whole restaurant industry.

    - 只有麥當勞比星巴克大當涉及到市值的時候。 是以,他們真的是一個權力機構當它涉及到真正的整個餐飲業。

  • In its early years of operation, Starbucks expanded slowly and only within Seattle.

    - [旁白]在其運作的最初幾年裡星巴克的擴張速度很慢,而且只在西雅圖境內。

  • It wasn't until 1987 when the original owners sold the company to its then marketing director, Howard Schultz, that the Starbucks that we know today took root.

    直到1987年,原來的主人把公司賣給了當時的營銷總監。 霍華德-舒爾茨。 我們今天所知道的星巴克就這樣紮根了。

  • Schultz began expanding Starbucks outside of the city and introduced Americans to what was then a little known Italian drink, the espresso.

    舒爾茨開始將星巴克擴展到城市以外的地區並向美國人介紹了當時鮮為人知的 意大利飲料,濃縮咖啡。

  • They were really founded on this coffee house culture that they make each beverage by hand, according to order.

    - 他們真的是建立在這種咖啡館文化之上他們根據訂單手工製作每一種飲料。

  • As Starbucks has grown, that has gotten more complicated.


  • Today, Starbucks says they make more than 170,000 different varieties of drinks.

    - [旁白]今天,星巴克說他們賺的錢超過了a 170,000種不同的飲料。

  • These beverages can be very complex; they can take a while.

    - 這些飲料可能非常複雜。他們可能需要一段時間。

  • They can take many different ingredients.


  • And, so, it's good for Starbucks.


  • And that these tend to be higher-price beverages, but for workers, the baristas, it can be very complicated.


  • The company's early investment in espresso has transformed to many different signature drinks, from the creation of the frappucino to the launch of the pumpkin spice latte.

    - [旁白]該公司早期對濃縮咖啡的投資已經轉變為許多不同的招牌飲料 從弗拉普西諾的誕生開始 以南瓜香料拿鐵咖啡參加發佈會。

  • Pumpkin spice latte, high five it.

    - 南瓜香料拿鐵,擊掌吧。

  • They really didn't know that it would take off like it did, but clearly, it has formed quite a phenomenon all around the world, really.

    - 他們真的不知道它將像它所做的那樣起飛。 但顯然它形成了一個相當大的現象 世界各地都是如此。

  • We introduced pumpkin to spice. Us. Here. Starbucks.

    - 我們將南瓜引入香料,我們在這裡,星巴克。

  • One additional thing in Starbucks' evolution is cold beverages have become much more important to the company, whether it's just an iced coffee or a nitro iced coffee, or all these cold foam and cold brewed.

    - 在星巴克的演變中,還有一件事是冷飲已變得更加重要 對公司而言,無論是冰咖啡 或一杯硝基冰咖啡。 或所有這些冷保麗龍和冷釀造的。

  • Increasingly, this is so important to their revenue, the company has gone through periods where frappuccino sales have softened, but they've come up with more cold drinks to keep people interested and keep people ordering.

    越來越多的人認為這對他們的收入是如此重要。該公司已經經歷了弗拉布奇諾的銷售時期。 已經軟化,但他們已經提出了更多的冷飲 以保持人們的興趣,讓人們繼續訂購。

  • In part due to the company's Seattle founding, technology has played a large role in the chain's dominance.

    - [旁白]部分原因是該公司在西雅圖的成立技術在改變主導地位方面發揮了很大作用。

  • A key moment of that was the founding of its mobile app in 2009, which was very early for one of these kinds of apps.

    - 其中一個關鍵時刻是其移動應用程序的創立在2009年,這是非常早期的 為這些類型的應用程序之一。

  • And they really saw this as a digital flywheel.


  • At the end of 2021, mobile orders accounted for nearly a quarter of all Starbucks transactions in the US.

    - 在2021年底,移動訂單佔到近佔美國所有星巴克交易的四分之一。

  • Many of those purchased through a virtual Starbucks gift card, which was previously the only way a customer could order on their phone.

    其中許多人購買了通過一張虛擬的星巴克禮品卡。 這也是以前唯一的方法 客戶可以在他們的手機上訂購。

  • Today, a little under one-half, or 44%, of all transactions at Starbucks are done with a Starbucks card.


  • In fact, so many Starbucks customers use a Starbucks card or the Starbucks mobile app to purchase items that Starbucks says it holds about $2.4 billion in cash that was uploaded by customers to be used later.

    事實上,如此多的星巴克顧客使用星巴克卡或星巴克移動應用程序來購買物品 星巴克稱其持有約24億美元的現金 這是由客戶上傳的,以便以後使用。

  • That number exceeds the deposits at many American banks.


  • Starbucks also gets a lot of data from that.

    - 星巴克也從中獲得了大量的數據。

  • They own a lot of that data in a way that many companies don't


  • because they have created this whole ecosystem where people are, you know, using the Starbucks app, they're mobile ordering, and they're hooked into that Starbucks unique proprietary system.

    因為他們已經創造了整個生態系統。 人們在哪裡使用星巴克的應用程序。 他們用手機訂餐,而且他們被掛到了那個地方。 星巴克獨特的專有系統

  • As mobile payments rise, Starbucks' business priorities have shifted.

    - [旁白]隨著移動支付的興起。星巴克的商業專業人士已經轉變。

  • Prior to the pandemic, approximately 80% of US Starbucks transactions were on-the-go, either as drive-thru or mobile order.

    在大流行之前,大約80%的美國星巴克交易正在進行中。 無論是開車還是移動訂購。

  • Starbucks started in cities, but, really, has spread all around the country, including the suburbs, and a lot of that is through drive-thrus.

    - 星巴克是從城市開始的。但真的已經傳遍了全國各地。 包括郊區。 而其中很多是通過開車的人。

  • These alternate pick-up options are becoming increasingly important to the company's bottom line.

    - [旁白]這些備用的接機方案正變得越來越重要 對公司的底線。

  • Especially during the pandemic.

    - [女]特別是在大流行期間。

  • I mean, these stores have been a lifeline to Starbucks because they kept running and people could easily queue up and go and not have to enter an actual café.

    我的意思是,這些商店一直是星巴克的生命線因為他們一直在運行,人們可以很容易地排隊。 而不必進入一個真正的咖啡館。

  • Starbucks has long said that it remains committed to a set of values established early in the company's existence.

    - [旁白]長期以來,星巴克一直表示"它仍然致力於一系列的價值觀 在公司成立之初就建立了"。

  • Starbucks is very committed to trying to create a connection between its baristas and its customers, even in its drive-thru.

    - 星巴克非常致力於努力創造在其咖啡師和顧客之間建立起聯繫。 甚至在它的駕車通道。

  • They talk about this on earnings calls that there are these customer connection scores; they want to make sure that everyone is feeling good about their Starbucks experience,


  • which is getting increasingly challenging when you're ordering through a drive-thru or a mobile app, you're trying to get in and out.

    他們希望確保每個人都感覺良好關於他們的星巴克經驗。 越來越有挑戰性 當你通過汽車餐廳或移動應用程序訂餐時。 你想進去和出來。

  • Starbucks says those values also appear in the manner in which their stores are designed.

    - [旁白]星巴克說,"這些價值也出現在在其商店的設計方式中"。

  • The items you will find in the store, they really choreograph that down to where the basket of water is placed into a store.

    - 你將在商店裡找到的物品。他們真的編排好了籃筐的位置。 的水被放置在一個商店裡。

  • They want this all to feel very similar.


  • Starbucks has long touted its internal culture, which it says is built on a strong relationship between management and employees.

    - [旁白]長期以來,星巴克一直吹捧其內部文化。它說這是建立在強大的關係之上的 管理層和僱員之間的關係。

  • The workers at its stores are not called workers or baristas, they are called partners, and this is very central to the company's ideology.

    - 它的商店的工人不被稱為工人或咖啡師,他們被稱為合作伙伴。 而這是該公司意識形態的核心。

  • Part of that is that all these partners do get shares in the company, it's called Beanstalk.


  • That relationship may look different going forward for some Starbucks locations after two of three Buffalo stores voted in favor of unionization.

    - [旁白]這種關係可能看起來不同對一些星巴克的分店來說,這將是一個巨大的進步。 在水牛城三家商店中的兩家投票後贊成成立工會。

  • Since then, Starbucks has thrown [a] huge amount of energy and resources into this issue.

    - [旁白]從那時起,星巴克就把在這個問題上花費了大量的精力和資源。

  • And executives have traveled to Buffalo extensively to meet with workers, to try to understand their concerns correlating to the company.

    而高管們已經廣泛地前往布法羅與工人見面,試圖瞭解他們的關切。 (不清楚)到公司。

  • They want to maintain this direct relationship with their workers.


  • They call unions an intermediary; they do not want that relationship to be severed.


  • But according to these workersthey who support the unionthey want a more direct relationship with the company.


  • In a statement to the "Wall Street Journal", Starbucks said, "Starbucks' successpast, present, and futureis built on how we partner together, always with our mission and values at our core."

    - [旁白]在給 "華爾街日報 "的一份聲明中星巴克說,"星巴克的成功過去、現在。和未來是建立在我們如何合作的基礎上。 始終以我們的使命和價值觀為核心。

  • "From the beginning, we've been clear in our belief that we are better together as partners, without a union between us at Starbucks, and that conviction has not changed."

    從一開始,我們就明確了我們的信念作為合作伙伴,我們在一起會更好 沒有在星巴克的我們之間的聯盟。 而且這種信念沒有改變。"

  • They are the world's biggest coffee chain.

    - 他們是世界上最大的咖啡連鎖店。

  • They are very dominant when it comes to coffee sales.


  • And they are, really, synonymous with the coffee house culture in a lot of ways, but they do face increasing pressures.

    而且他們確實是咖啡館文化的代名詞。 在很多方面,但他們確實面臨著越來越大的壓力。 (歡快的音樂)

If you've ever ordered something at Starbucks, you've probably loaded one of these.

- [旁白]如果你曾經在星巴克點過東西。你可能已經加載了其中的一個。

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