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  • Some of the latest advancements in robotics are pretty impressive.

    最新研發的機械人裡 有部分實在非常優秀

  • Just look at Atlas, a humanoid robot, built for the US defense department.

    來看看 Atlas, 為美國國防部研發的人形機械人

  • Atlas is remarkable because it's built to look and act like a person.

    Atlas與眾不同的原因是 因為它是為了模仿人類外貌及行動而研發的

  • But sometimes, engineers get a little carried away.

    但有時候 工程師會有點偏離了目標

  • They end up with a creation that drifts into a no-man's-land

    結果做出了偏離人類本質的 ”作品“

  • Between something that's lifelike, and something that's actually alive.


  • This void is commonly referred to as "The Uncanny Valley"

    這個空隙通常被稱為 ”恐怖谷“

  • Journeying into the valley often elicits an emotional response

    一旦進入了” 恐怖谷“ 就會引起觀看者的情緒反應

  • somewhere between uncomfortable and creeped out.


  • Japanese robotics professor, Masahiro Mori coined the phrase way back in 1970.

    日本機械人科學大學教授森政弘 於1970年提出了“恐怖谷”這個概念

  • He noted a positive reaction toward a human-like robot


  • can quickly turn to disgust.


  • Mori thought this response was triggered by subtle imperfections


  • in the robots appearance.


  • Another hypothesis has to do with our expectations

    另外一個說法 來自於我們的預期中

  • of how people and robots are supposed to look and act.


  • Atlas for example, clearly looks like a robot.

    以Atlas作為例子 明顯看起來是個機械人

  • You'd have no problem leaving him in your garage overnight.


  • Animation also provides us with some examples of the Uncanny Valley effect.

    動畫也提供了我們一些 ”恐怖谷“效應的例子

  • Movies like The Polar Express and Beowolf

    電影比如 《北極快車》以及《 魔戰王:貝奧武夫》

  • were widely panned, because their characters ventured into Uncanny territory.

    就被廣泛批評 因為角色遊走於恐怖谷的邊緣

  • It's especially difficult for roboticists

    這是特別困難的 對於機械人工程師

  • and animators to render lifelike hair eyes and skin-tone.


  • It's even harder when you introduce motion.

    假如再加入動作 事情就變得更困難了

  • New technologies promise to bridge the gap between the lifelike and the living.

    最新科技的目標是 填補逼真跟真實生物之間的空隙

  • But they're trying to hit a moving target.

    但是他們這樣做 有如要命中一個活靶

  • The Uncanny Valley begins and ends in different places for different people.


  • And besides, we like to think that humans can't be replicated.

    同時 我們偏向於覺得人類是不能被複製的

  • For Scientific American's Instant Egghead I'm Larry Greenemeier.

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为什么像生活机器人那样令人毛骨悚然(Why Are Life-Like Robots Creepy? - Instant Egghead #53)

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