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  • In the zodiac, Aries and Libra are opposite to each other. They're considered opposite

  • signs, and there are good things to say about being opposites and negative things to say.

  • Opposites tend to attract, because one has what the other needs or looks for. Opposites

  • also can repel each other, because they are so opposite.

  • Now Aries and Libra as a pairing, being opposites, they do work well at the beginning. Aries

  • is intrigued by Librans' positive attitude about relationships, about being in love.

  • They both love to be in a sexual relationship. They both have a romanticism about them, and

  • in many ways they both look good together. Because whether male or female they tend to

  • be beautiful people, and they work well out in society. I know it sounds silly, but they

  • look good as a couple.

  • Then we come to the inner differences. Libra can get very dependent and also very resentful

  • of the Aries bossiness or the Aries wanting to be first or the Aries wanting the attention.

  • Libra wants attention as well. So they may become competitors for attention.

  • Also, they look for different things in life, as far as Aries wants to be the one who achieves

  • and is known, to become famous for being wonderful, for doing wonderful things and going wonderful

  • places. Libra, in turn, wants a life that is more serene, more elegant, more cultured,

  • more artistic.

  • Both of them can be spendthrifts, and they love spending each other's money. So they

  • have to work that out as well. But there are good vibrations there. There's a good possibility

  • if they can work out the differences in temperament. What they have that glues them together is

  • that each of them has what the other needs.

In the zodiac, Aries and Libra are opposite to each other. They're considered opposite


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白羊座和天秤座相容嗎?| 白羊座和天秤座相配嗎? (Are Aries & Libra Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide)

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