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  • Hi, guys. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on "good" vs. "well".

  • These are two very common words in English, and we often use them to talk about our states,

  • our feelings, to describe actions. And you might be wondering, you know, what's the difference

  • between the two? Which one is an adjective? Which one is an adverb? Is it possible for

  • one of them to be both? This is what this lesson is about today. So if you've ever wondered,

  • should I say, "I'm good" or, "They played well", or "They played good", this is the

  • lesson for you. So today, I have three different situations. Each of them has a question and

  • an answer. And let's see if you can tell me, do you say "good" or "well" in this situation.

  • Okay, No. 1, "How are you?" -- probably the most common question that you can ask. And

  • do you answer with, "I'm good", or "I'm well", or are both possible? Well, this actually

  • depends on the person's intention with, "How are you?" Are they asking about your emotional

  • state, or are they asking about your physical state? If you're asking about a person's emotional

  • state, normally we say, "I'm good." If you're asking about their physical state -- basically,

  • are they sick? -- generally, we say, "well" for something that relates to your physical

  • health. So in this situation, both are actually possible. So you can say, "Yeah, I'm good."

  • "I'm pretty well." "I'm pretty good." Most of the time we say "good" because we mean,

  • again, that we are emotionally well. When a person asks you, "How are you?" they are

  • asking about your emotions more often than not. Now, you might say, "Wait. Wait. Wait.

  • Wait. Hold on. But "well" -- I've heard that "well" is an adverb. "Well" only modifies

  • actions." That's not actually true. "Well" is both accepted, if you look in any dictionary,

  • as an adjective and as an adverb. So "good" and "well" -- "good" is an adjective. It's

  • an adjective; it can only modify nouns. It can only modify things, people, places, things,

  • okay? "Well" is an adverb, but it's also accepted as an adjective in English.

  • Okay, let's look at the second situation with this information. So the question is, -"Did

  • you see the game?" -"Yeah, they played good", or -"Yeah, they played well"? Well, you might

  • have heard many, many, many native English speakers say this, or if you've watched a

  • movie, you might have heard this too that they say, "Yeah, they played good." This is

  • actually incorrect because -- remember: "good" is an adjective, which means it only modifies

  • nouns. It modifies things, people, places. Here we are modifying a verb. So the verb

  • is "played". You are describing how they played, the quality of their play. So here, you have

  • to say "well", okay? So if you're modifying a verb, you have to use "well" because "well"

  • is the only one of the two which is an adverb. Okay, finally, -"You look sick. Are you okay?"

  • -"I don't feel good." -"I don't feel well." Okay, in speaking, both of these are accepted.

  • Both of these are used. In usage, you can use either one. However, grammatically, the

  • one you should be using is "well" since "well", as we have said, refers more to your actual

  • physical health, okay? So in this situation, try to use "well" more often than "good".

  • If you say "good": no problem. Everyone says "good" to this question, too. It's also possible.

  • However, for questions of physical health, please stay with "well". For questions of

  • emotional state, you should be using "good", but again, "well" is also accepted. And I'm

  • just going to circle these two since I circled these two as well.

  • Okay, guys. So if you'd like to test your understanding of this knowledge, as always,

  • you can check out the quiz on I'm sure you'll do... "well"? "Good?" You tell me.

  • Good luck, and take care.

Hi, guys. I'm Alex. Thanks for clicking, and welcome to this lesson on "good" vs. "well".


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何時使用 "good "和 "well" - 英語詞彙 (When to use 'good' and 'well' - English Vocabulary)

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