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  • Hi this is Laura Turner and today we are going to talk about how to improve your vocabulary.

  • I'm a writer and I have been a writer since I was a very tiny little girl and every time

  • I've ever read a book, I have improved my vocabulary. So number one for improving your

  • vocabulary is to read. Read as much as possible in fact read books that are difficult to read.

  • For example, The Sound and The Fury by William Faulkner. And when you read, take the words

  • that you do not understand and look them up in the dictionary. And figure out, and there

  • is a word that I found in this book particularly was difficult for me to figure out what it

  • meant, fecund, fecund means sort of from the earth and fertile ok. So therefore that word

  • is used a lot in this novel so I went and I looked it up and now I know that word forever,

  • because the novel is very long and it was used many times. Second thing you can do is

  • play games, play games like scrabble, play games like cranium, things like that will

  • help you to improve your vocabulary and will be fun for you to do. Number three, take a

  • Latin class. Learning Latin will help you learn the roots of words that you use everyday

  • and therefore will help you be able to figure out what other words mean that you do not

  • know. Just by judging from the roots of the words that you see. And number four is write,

  • write and look up words that you want to use if you feel like you need a better word for

  • a certain sentence or situation, go to your thesaurus and actually you know find a word

  • that you do know and look up therefore other words that you don't know. And use them. And

  • use different words frequently. You can also buy things like a little word a day calendar,

  • stuff like that will help you. And there are plenty of ways to improve your vocabulary

  • and those are just some of them.

Hi this is Laura Turner and today we are going to talk about how to improve your vocabulary.


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研究和寫作技巧:如何提高你的詞彙量。 (Research & Writing Tips : How to Improve Your Vocabulary)

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