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  • fashion is innovation.

  • It's the cutting edge of how we look, how we think and how we feel.

  • Flashback 17 hundreds A growing middle class Once intricate embroidery and patterns, fabrics inspired by player pianos, inventors create a loom that takes instructions from a mechanical drum booth.

  • Speed reached.

  • Inaccessibility of designers revolutionised chemistry, electricity and steam conjure new material that lighter stretch here and more suffering than ever.

  • Women's work is well defined and with its society's perception of their bodies.

  • Watch out.

  • Here comes sportswear, swimsuits, celebrating action, physicality and leisure politics.

  • Protests and rock and roll give us many steps.

  • Bellbottoms, gender nonconformity and flower power.

  • A new era on Wall Street sees men and women compete in power suits.

  • Dress for success, uniformed yields to more and more casual daytime looks that expresses and enables creativity.

  • Technology begins to play a bigger and bigger role in our daily lives.

  • Phones become fashion, computers become close clique style goes global, social fast.

  • Fashion brings the catwalk to the streets like this, fashion is about more than keeping.

  • It's about designing the future we want to live in.

  • Will we demand sustainable materials that safeguard our environment, will we grow our clothes in bats or print them in our homes.

  • And when we're able to use three D digital design to create clothing, all those custom threads eliminate manufacturing waste A, R and B are transformed, turning our living rooms into show rooms, dressing rooms and even cat.

  • Or will technology transformed in store experience into something entirely new?

  • Innovation isn't a fat.

  • Its fuel Fashion Express is not only who we are but who we want to become.

fashion is innovation.


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時尚是創新的燃料|TED學院 (Fashion is fuel for innovation | TED Institute)

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