• US /məˈtɪriəl/
  • UK /məˈtɪəriəl/
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  • n. 布料; 素材;資料; 物質的 ; 肉體上的 ; 官能的 ; 粗卑;
  • adj. 重要的; 物質的 ; 肉體上的 ; 官能的 ; 粗卑;
  • The material has torn so it will need to be sewn up
  • We need more material to finish building the house
  • This table is made of very cheap material
  • He is a material witness, so he must go to court and tell what he saw
  • I care about material things, but my brother is more focused on spiritual ideas
  1. a [adjective] used to describe someone who relies on objects to bring them happiness. based on the 1980s song '[Material Girl]' by [Madonna] [alternative] [adjective]: [materialistic]
    guy 1: so i bought this really hot car.. it'll keep me happy for a week or so. guy 2: dude you're so material .
  2. Something people use to help them come down faster when they're masturbating. Almost always porn or sexually related things.
    'I can't masturbate without material anymore because pornography has ruined my imagination".
  3. noun, always capitalized. fodder for writing or gossip, as in when someone does something so stupid/upsetting/wonderful, you can't wait to write/blog/twitter about it.
    Pia: I can't believe your boyfriend dumped you for your best friend! What are you going to do? Zadora: Turn him into Material. or Roberto: Did you see that? I can't believe he stood up on the chair and made a spectacle of himself in front of a live television audience! Benigni: Material.