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  • Hello, everybody.

  • Um, good to almost see you.

  • I have a short video that I'm going to start with, let you know what I'm up to and then I'll follow up before intermission.

  • There is a revolution underway way art, A crossroads in history world where all of the energy we consume comes from clean and sustainable energy sources men and women who are making this transition possible for the pioneers of this century.

  • The pioneers of Clean Energy Portrait Project, spearheaded by renowned photographer Rick Chapman, is celebrating these individuals and bringing them to the forefront of the public's consciousness.

  • What all these people are doing will change what the whole energy scene looks like in the next 10 years, and I want to be in the river with them.

  • The portrait will be gifted to the general public through multiple venues, from museum exhibitions, toe educational programs to online and print publications.

  • This project has the ability to touch many by setting off sparks individuals that become inspired by something they see in the portrait's eyes or something.

  • They here in an interview.

  • Energy has been done the same way for about 100 years, but the next 100 years are gonna look completely different.

  • We need to send a signal to the markets and people that there is hope.

  • There is a future.

  • Some of the people with power want to see the shape.

  • You want to see the status quo be disrupted and see new, innovative products out on the market.

  • It's absolutely imperative that people that are doing this work are celebrated, acknowledged and praised, because what they're doing now will make the difference their personal stories, their personal wise, the inspire others to make change.

  • I'd like to make a battery that last 200 years so that when your car's Krusty, you take the battery out and give it to your son, put it in his car.

  • I really have to credit my dad for giving me a level of of optimism about the world and his last words to me were Be strong, be of service.

  • If we do nothing and just consume energy the way we consume it today, in about 100 years, we will start seeing things on the planet that you've never seen.

  • It will be a system gone out of control.

  • Carl Sagan said it best this planet is where we make our stand.

  • So I've had a very exciting opportunity.

  • Is a professional photographer to make portrait's of some of the great athletes of our time Mohammed Ali, LeBron James, Serena Williams, Shaun White, Annika Sorenstam and many more.

  • And yes, I'm very proud of the fact that 40 those portrait star in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

  • It's very exciting.

  • So when 25 year old Rick Chapman looks at 50 year old Rick Chapman, he says, Man, you nailed it.

  • You're a success.

  • But what's funny is when 50 year old Rick Chapman looked in the mirror, that's not what was said.

  • Sure, proud of career, etcetera.

  • Yeah, great.

  • But it was a question, and it was.

  • It was a question.

  • What could my photography and portraiture do?

  • Two.

  • Go beyond promoting already famous athletes.

  • There are scientists using data and facts to project a world before us that is terrifying, and other people are sitting around debating if they believe in climate change.

  • Still, what it's science, it's not politics, and it certainly is not a belief system.

  • So the question the big question.

  • What can I do?

  • What can I do to make a difference.

  • So the light bulb went off for me.

  • Of course, I can start making portrait's in doing voice recordings and videos of the inventors of the scientists of the policy change makers.

  • These people that don't have the luxury of being celebrity.

  • But they're doing the urgent, urgent work that will make the difference for who we hand this planet, too.

  • The young people that inherit it.

  • So, yeah, elevating humanity.

  • That's the job, right?

  • And I'm doing it with my camera and a microphone and sharing those stories and images to inspire others.

  • And I want those others toe asked the same question.

  • What can I do?

  • We don't all need to be scientists or inventors to make an impact.

  • We definitely don't.

  • They're they're they're working hard.

  • But what behaviors can we'd do in our daily lives to make a difference and start to create change and be participants?

  • What what education plan could we give ourselves to make a difference and say, Hey, I'm gonna be a participant in the carbon and energy story.

  • There might be one of you right out here in the audience tonight who asked the question, What can I do we all can do something.

  • It's literally limitless.

  • How many of you heard 16 year old credit Thunderbirds address to the U.

  • N.

  • Summit?

  • Yeah, incredible.

  • It rocked me to the bone and woke me up in a way that I I could cry.

  • I cried to myself thinking about what I was going to say, but she said, You come to me, you come to the young people and you look to us for hope.

  • How dare you?

  • You stole my childhood, your stole my dreams with your empty words.

  • Wow, boom!

  • Wow!

  • How can you not respond to that right?

  • That's what I say to myself.

  • So, adults, it is our job and we need to ask, What can I do now?

  • I personally realize that it's very important for me to go out and use my talents and skills and celebrate the little known pioneers who are right now working very hard to ensure that we hand ah healthy habitable planet to Greta, to my Children and your Children.

Hello, everybody.


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