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  • It's all about the power of us.

  • Stronger together, global forest.

  • Local citizen I can't think of any better way to bring that to life than through our partnership.

  • People that we've met who have devoted their entire career, says organization.

  • I have never heard of anything like it.

  • What makes a great leader in the 21st century?

  • They are women and men who are preparing themselves for the realities of today and all of those unknown possibilities.

  • Hunger is a logistics problem.

  • It is a problem that affect all aspects of the supply chain.

  • We collectively have the power to make sustainable investing thing.

  • This is a quantum processor, This five future progress in modern biology and give people the opportunity never rise.

It's all about the power of us.


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TED學院的味道 (A taste of TED Institute)

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