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  • I'm earnestly glory.

  • Welcome to for our bakery, For ours is in the heart of you absolutely, literally.

  • And we specialize in Southern Italian pastries, Connelly of what our research goes back to, almost like a Turkish cannelloni, which has a meat filling with cheese.

  • And it made its way down through Sicily.

  • And then, I guess, some man want to make a suite for some woman and he find his show and made a sweet got the cream.

  • So it's this creamy dessert when it crispy show.

  • Come on.

  • Dough is made about low flower Marsala wine, water, egg yolks, and it's very, very dry dock.

  • And that's gonna help US.

  • Leader one of the five process to develop the blisters.

  • Once we mix the dough.

  • Who put on the table?

  • We want to work to go a little bit with our hands.

  • We're gonna finish rolling it out.

  • Then we're gonna swear to go and we're gonna roll a thinner and thinner.

  • I would say Maybe it's five sheets of paper, then we stamp our shape.

  • Once we stand by shape, it's in an oval way, rolling on the tube, which is called the solo, and then we have pride takes approximately three minutes, and we don't want to ever go below 350 degrees.

  • You'll have a sock in front.

  • And once we Friday Connolly.

  • You wanna pull them off the doll as soon as you can, because they're expanded.

  • When they get called it contracted, they grab onto the truth.

  • We cool it, and then we fill it with a sweet with cream.

  • We'll finish it with a little bit of powdered sugar.

  • So it opens.

  • The case puts up with the tongue and the play.

  • We're coming.

  • Come form.

  • You also make a chocolate dipped cannoli.

  • We put the fork inside Carly, and we get through a bathroom door and that has to sit and shell.

  • So there's a tremendous amount of labor and the chocolate cut off.

  • People love them.

  • Incorporated in 18 92 Mr Farrar, my great uncle and Mr Scope was my great grandfather.

  • They rented a spot.

  • They made coffee, they said, Oh, we have a great business here.

  • It's time to face.

  • I love because it's my family tradition and bring so many smiles.

I'm earnestly glory.


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玉米餅的製作方法 - 食品技能 (How Cannoli Are Made | Food Skills)

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