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  • A cliche is anything you've heard or seen before.

  • So don't do it.

  • You know, any line of dialogue that you've ever

  • heard anybody say before is already a cliche.

  • So don't write it down.

  • It shouldn't be done.

  • Any scene, don't do, like, oh, I've seen this scene before,

  • so it's a really cool idea.

  • I'm going to just do something like that.

  • Do something original.

  • If you've seen it before, why would you do it again?

  • Someone's already done it.

  • Granted, there's almost nothing new under the sun.

  • But there are different interpretations,

  • and different ways of thinking of things that are new.

  • But your goal isn't to copy somebody that you admire.

  • Your goal is to be the thing that other people would

  • admire themselves.

A cliche is anything you've heard or seen before.


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Shonda Rhimes:看過嗎?聽過嗎?不要這樣做|大師班的精彩瞬間|大師班 (Shonda Rhimes: Seen It? Heard it? Don't Do It | MasterClass Moments | MasterClass)

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