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  • he's injury.

  • That you?

  • I read that.

  • You said you were a baby yourself, but one Well, no, not really.

  • I think I think when I was about I don't think of myself quite like that.

  • When I was about 15 or 16 at school, there was a kind of group of us on dhe.

  • I think the kind of group picked on one boy they picked on me a bit.

  • They picked on everyone.

  • That's that weird age when you're 15 or 16 where you do sort of, you know, you're still finding yourself, but no, I'm gonna be honest and say I don't think I wasa I think I was more Maur the recipient of it.

  • To be honest, did you find that you actually had real friends and could kinda differ from the people?

  • You know, as you go through school, you kind of are friends with everybody.

  • And you try and be mates with all the cool kids.

  • Did you know who exactly who your friends were the whole way through.

  • Now you find out who your friends are at school, don't you?

  • I mean, I was Yeah.

  • I don't know.

  • My my school day.

  • I mean again.

  • I write about my school days in the book.

  • It was quite it was quite eventful just cause I was known from the beginning.

  • So everybody kind of knows you, but no, I had some lovely friends at school.

he's injury.


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