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one for the money wouldn't hurt But I'm a run to the money from the dirt ***.
I don't come from the money.
For what it's worth I don't get it done for the money Bitch with an accent as a poor I she just want to know where the cash is Wish from You can imagine she got some bad kids.
You went my son's You're my grandkids Outlandish Watch red handed Still a style that standard But what happened when you get abandoned?
That mean I believe a lot of *** stranded fire Don't want to know what strain is Roll another one I always knew I'd be the man When I was coming up The game made the nickel tough enough Now, while the girls want to come with us I'll need to know number emphasis on the song made me People got the cover Will text or call each other I give up Let you want a cup in doobie Rolling running Not brought enough men when I had my busy No interruption not to step my money Talk giving no discussion Wait a short Give me here she give that concussion the best thing that you could do is don't make an assumption that flow.
So dope cops coming.
You flush it.
Memo busted.
I'm always take my time mount never Russian going for four down while you make us playing in just a couple rounds out of love.
Not to mention fussing.
Don't be calling my phone saying not a fuck shit.
Got McQueen couple bottles at the function, Sam looking like a bust.
But it's really not.
I just came through customs.
You got your big crush.
See me blush.
She just after Allie's been that you want a cup in doobies on 100,000.
But when I handled my bed say no interruption.
Not just my money talking.
No discussion.
Wait a short Give me here.
She get that concussion.
The best thing that you could do it Don't make an assumption that blows.
So dope cops coming.


Wiz Khalifa - Easy Access

12 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 19 日
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