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We're back with another draft.
Here's how this works.
We get a category and then we go around the room just like you would in a fantasy football draft or the NFL draft for the baseball draft.
We'd all take turns picking the best option left on the board.
Then at the end, we've all drafted a certain team and you go and vote for the team that you think is best at bobby bones dot com.
The draft will start with Amy today.
Lunch boxes back in the studio today.
Eddie Morgan, Number two.
Everyone's in today like we're all in because the last person to lose was lunchbox and we don't want to kick him out because who lost for him?
We know many things Chris Kirkpatrick, Brian's wife, lost so we don't want to kick him out.
So we're all there, six of us in.
So we're gonna play the reality star draft.
We'll all gather a team.
Then you vote on your favorite team of bobby.
Bones dot com.
Amy have the first pick.
Who is your favorite reality star?
Kelly Clarkson with the first ever American Idol, Kelly Clarkson.
Yeah, Okay.
You know, that was so far, six picks was so far away and put on the list.
I knew it wouldn't get to me.
Okay, Lunchbox.
Um, my number one pick is the greatest reality star ever.
She's beautiful.
She's amazing.
She seems like an angel.
Carrie Underwood.
Amy couldn't get one of those for Kelly.
Hey, first day back.
Oh, were we supposed to like Sinden?
Oh, no.
Um, Eddie.
I mean, that was it.
Those were my two top two, for sure.
But I'm gonna have to go with probably the biggest reality star ever.
Kim Kardashian.
Morgan number two.
I'm gonna go with, um, she was on Laguna Beach.
Her name is Lauren Conrad.
So good.
Chris Harrison thing it, that's where.
That early, huh?
Thank you.
Uh, what's the time we have in the first round?
30 seconds.
First round, 22nd and hit that fresh on time, or I'll do it.
Now Let me look here.
Here we go.
Take all this time there, Simon cow.
Good line.
Uh, just take it once going.
You got nine seconds.
I'm gonna go usedto watch every Thursday night.
It made him and made him into being the president.
I'm going with you.
I was watching The Apprentice.
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.
Yeah, I had it.
Good work.
I didn't even know Cash was a smart I literally forgot he was a reality star.
Okay, So back over to me.
You know, we have Todd Chrisley and was a great co host.
Oh, most beloved of 90%.
How much time we have left over there?
You've got 11 seconds.
I think I'm gonna go with my friend who I work with now on American Idol Luke Bryan.
Good frame.
You know, I'm gonna go with Jessica Simpson.
Amy's read the book.
We've all heard that ton of time.
Give me her Morgan gym tanning laundry and go with Snooki.
Eddie, this is just to make lunch box mad.
I'm going with Johnny Bananas lunchbox man.
I had snooki.
Uh, I'm gonna go with someone that people love.
And he was in a boy band, but now he's solo Harry Styles.
Maybe I'm gonna go Khloe Kardashian waken Get him on track.
Our dad like risky picks.
Risky pig's.
Okay, Amy, So far, your team is Kelly Clarkson and Khloe Kardashian.
Lots of club club Kelly Clarkson.
Chloe Carlo.
And now you have one more pick here on your team.
Hey, I can't stick with that theme cause that nobody I left doesn't have a k um Oh, well, I mean, there's always Kourtney Kardashian is where you're going with it.
I don't think unless I was just all straight Kardashians, I would.
But I've got Kelly Clarkson in the mix.
And then you know Miranda Lambert.
She's around this time, right?
Oh, little counting down from three.
Okay, go ahead.
Your pick is Miranda Lambert from Natural Star.
Yeah, Yeah.
You have Carrie Underwood and Harry Styles.
Yeah, I got man, that's a tough one.
I don't know where to go with this.
I'm gonna go with honey.
Boo boo.
Oh, um, I'm between two right now, and I think, uh, uh, I'm gonna go with the guy with a beard.
Willie Robertson, Don't thio.
I had a duck dynasty personal.
Did you?
You have sight of local side?
Yeah, he's good.
That's good.
Uh, Morgan, you're up.
I'm going with Simon Cow.
Is that Is that what you're gonna do?
You know, if I said it out loud, I was never going with any three of the rounds.
Oh, remember that.
It's usually my throw it out there.
The chum agrees to chum.
We go on, we would catch a bunch of shad and would use them to your stripe.
We chop him up with one shot out there and fish that was never your bait.
I had one.
But now I don't even know that this person is reality star.
Are you gonna say Octomom reality?
I mean, you know what?
She may have been one of those, like celebrity rehab or celebrity.
She could have been in one of their.
Like, I wanted to do Jon and Kate plus eight, but I don't know her last name.
Raymundo Europe.
Paris Helton.
Simple life was a great show.
How her dad won.
Look back and watch.
That's pretty funny.
All right.
I'm I'm either going to go Andy Cohen or Ashton Kutcher.
Oh, I'm probably gonna go to go, Andy.
Alright, here we go.
Here are teams Amy has Kelly Clarkson, Khloe Kardashian and Miranda Lambert.
Lunchbox has Carrie Underwood, Harry Styles and Honey Boo Boo.
Eddie has Kim Kardashian, Johnny Bananas and Willie Robertson ice.
I got a bad feeling about your Oh, yeah, Dead.
Last thing.
I don't know.
Leaving when it never I don't either win it or get zero votes.
You can tell Morgan number two as Lauren, Conrad Snooki and Simon Qiao Shi draft on her team.
Raymundo has Chris Harris and Jessica Simpson of Paris Hilton Jew.
And I have ah, Donald Trump, Luke, Brian and Andy Cohen.
What, You've taken any corner or Ashton Kutcher?
I mean, probably Andy Cohen, because he's on, like, all the time.
And yeah, I see him or Ashton would be a throwback.
Was that pumped?
Hey, Raymundo, I did this thing on instagram story where I said, tell me the things you like most about the show at number seven was people yelling you your wedding story in your yell going?
You I made a whole list of the things I got like, 30,000.
Oh, my God.
Why said this?
And so I threw as many as I could and kind of listen him out.
But it number seven.
Raymundo was your you?
I'll keep doing it.
Yeah, for sure.
We'll just do it when it comes up organically.
Um, everybody.
Nice job on your drafts.
You can vote.
We'll have him up soon at bobby bones dot com.
Vote for the team, the overall team that you like best.


Our Draft For Reality Stars

11 分類 收藏
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