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  • When it comes to family cars, it's hard to go past in a Sufi, especially one as well.

  • Priced as the Mitsubishi A S X, it's a small to medium sized SUV, and it's in competition with cars at the Honda H.

  • O V.

  • The Message.

  • 63 on the new key.

  • A cell toss.

  • The SX range starts at around $24,000 but I'm in the GSR model, which comes in at around $30,000 before on road costs.

  • It's had a bit of a makeover for 2020 so let's see how it performed for this week's family.

  • Reviewed.

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  • It's much more modern than the last model, and it just makes you feel like you're driving a new car that deserves to be a In this new decade is the less boxy.

  • It's got some brand new headlights and new re lights, and it just makes you feel better driving on the road.

  • The interiors look decent enough for a car in this price bracket, and nothing looks cheap or that it's been produced on too strict a budget.

  • In fact, it looks pretty cool.

  • So keeping your expectations realistic, you'll still get a fair amount of man made materials on the dash and on the doors.

  • And this is also a lever.

  • Look on the seats here, but actually really good.

  • It looks like suede, and there's a really lovely rid out of stitching, which makes a big difference.

  • Wth e center console is nicely designed, and I really like the mat silver accents that you find here and also on the doors.

  • The multimedia screen has grown to eight inches, which is just in keeping with others in this category, and you'll also find apple carplay and Android auto on here.

  • Which just means that you'll never have to touch a phone again while you're driving.

  • So everything from your satnav to your music and your phone calls are all controlled by the touch screen.

  • Sex drives quite well, so even though there's nothing particularly amazing to rave about, it still drives smoothly.

  • The steering wheel turns nice and easily, and it gets you around suburbia to work and on the school run perfectly fine this tree is.

  • Amado has a 2.4 liter engine.

  • In the lowest specs, you get a two litre engine.

  • So I found this one pretty good to get up hills.

  • I had enough power to get up hills fast and cruising along highways.

  • You have the confidence to overtake.

  • There is no old Dr option on any of the other six models, so this one is a two wheel drive, as are the others, and fuel consumption is acclaimed.

  • 7.9 leases 100.

  • There is a small turning circle on the area sex, and it's a really good sign so you can squeeze into parking spots nice and easily.

  • There is a decent reverse parking camera to help you out.

  • Front is quite spacious for a small SUV.

  • For Mei, this is more of a small to medium SUV, so it is a little bigger than some of the other small SUV's.

  • And there's plenty of legs, place and headspace.

  • You'll find two cupholders in the front.

  • There is a spot for keys or a phone.

  • You get a really decent size, sent a storage bin on bottle holders in each door.

  • There are two cupholders in the center armrest.

  • But there are no directional events back here, and my Children definitely missed that air on skin when it's 40 degrees.

  • Hate outside the backseat is comfy enough for my Children, their age six and eight said.

  • I had plenty of room for themselves back here this week.

  • I'm 161 centimeters, and I can also easily fit back here.

  • There's not a whole heap of room between my knees and the seat in front of me, but it's still think other taller teenagers should be able to fit fine.

  • There's a lot of head space.

  • The food is listed as having 393 liters of space, and it can easily fit the bulky cars.

  • Guard prime in here plus is room for groceries or schoolbags on top.

  • So while it's not huge, it's not small either.

  • And for a small SUV, it's actually on the larger end.

  • It's smaller than 100 +80 V, but much bigger than a master.

  • See X three for safety on this year Sound model.

  • You will get auto emergency braking with pedestrian detection request traffic alert, which is that my favorite bit of advanced safety equipment.

  • First, you get lane departure warnings and blind spot warnings.

  • Amongst other things.

  • There are air bags to cover driver and front passenger plus side curtain airbags and extend to the back row.

  • And you'll get to specifics, points on three top 10 points to fix kids.

  • Car fits in safely.

  • Well, it's not gonna blow away the competition, especially with some of the newly designed cars.

  • The Mitsubishi A S X is still a solid contender in this category.

  • It's a good size with a decent boot that makes it practical for families.

  • And if you're not caught up on having a super snazzy engine, that s six.

  • Jessa does it all for an affordable price.

  • Plus, it has a good safety and technology.

  • I give it a family rating of 7.5 out of 10 and my kids gave it.

  • Seven aren't is at least favorite color, but they were just happy.

When it comes to family cars, it's hard to go past in a Sufi, especially one as well.


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