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  • What is it?

  • There's no more, right?

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah e five and six You would always win.

  • Decide Bang, bang You shut me down Bang, bang I bag that sound Bang, bang My baby shot me Seasons came and changed I I you weigh seven Say, remember when you play bang, bang I hit the ground Bang, bang You shut me down Bang, bang, sound bang, bang E t o the money My needle in marketing is always straight with those Barstow Celia's LV for four years and Miss Eleanor Odom.

  • Relative events Allah, Fear and even Theo.

  • Nice.

  • Helga Bullock.

  • Mezzo.

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  • Marchal comes over active doesn't spell a medic interests to hand.

  • And we're haven a name that the Oak Hill Moy.

  • And you soak Hale?

  • Yes, to just wander ionic salt, obviously at my ward Coming up to second, make naked right from the beginning on my veil Activate act And did Teacher What?

  • I focused my hill forehead on Titus out Deities and hill Fact.

  • Okay, good.

  • And you have the troops down today.

  • Hell yes.

  • The Zanga, the integrator of Anglican Naked, right?

  • It isn't the idiot extra keeper fell in the movement and it gets so new Gamekeeper fell.

  • There's does Mary over Val's mounted things Helper.

  • So like Like it's taken Hill, who is over anything for all of your halem.

  • Really?

  • Kick yours at the market.

  • Positive heart is breaking a thank you kiss for Shawn.

  • I'm not sorry, Okay?

  • You loathe?

  • Don't look for Talia hoots A lot of positive, Jack.

  • Don't.

  • Definitely.

  • Tonight.

  • You love us and a doctor start sneaking on trying on the table A lot of smart talk well, and even bail them out.

  • Yeah, happy.

  • And I'm taking it for you.

  • But Alexia tricking the petals.

  • Okay, light.

What is it?


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拉提夫 - "Bang Bang" | 盲選 - 嗓音兒童 - VTM (Latif - 'Bang Bang' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM)

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