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  • Hi, My name is Richard.

  • I'm the owner of Whole Foods here in the East Village.

  • So we make Taiwanese traditional beef.

  • It'll soup in Taiwan.

  • There's many different kinds.

  • You know, a beautiful soup shop are like pizza parlors in New York City.

  • Every neighborhood has one.

  • We make ours very home style.

  • That's red cooked or fermented broad bean paste, rock, sugar, our own blend of spices, that distant old warming.

  • You know, this dish was originally from the soldiers who came from parts of China and settle on.

  • You know, they wanted a taste of home, and originally there wasn't noodles and there was a beef dish.

  • But that was so poor that they had asked Metals to make a dish that was sustenance on after the first film was made became so popular.

  • Now it's the national dish of Taiwan, the most important part about meeting beef noodle soup.

  • It's just a lot of patients, you know.

  • Soup is a slow process.

  • Start off.

  • We used mostly shin bones.

  • You know we'll let that go for an entire day, and then afterwards we had our old blend of spices star in these clothes.

  • Sexual better corn cinnamon, goji Berries, white peppercorns, black and a few other things in their two way actually cooked the beef separately with aromatics.

  • The Asian trinity ginger, garlic, onions, fermented broad being pace rock sugar gives it a nice, glistening texture and look.

  • We put a couple different types of soy sauce H soy sauce and dark soy sauce.

  • And then, from there we add in the beef shanks to stir fry.

  • You know it cooks the outside of the meat a little bit, helps brown it just a little bit.

  • And then we had a little bit of water.

  • We braise it on.

  • One of the most important parts about that process is that after you cook it, you let it chill.

  • You really wantto let it settle and re absorb all the liquid that's been raised to keep it juicy and flavorful.

  • And then, from there we cooked noodles.

  • You know, Tony, sow Wheat noodles air are very different than fallen noodles or rama noodles.

  • You know how many of those were made with flour, water, salt, That's it.

  • And when you're really looking for is a silky texture and you wanted to be chewy.

  • We add in a beef tallow on bone marrow mixture.

  • You pull the noodle out, put it in the beef mixture.

  • We toss him.

  • When we had our scallions, then we had a neat that we had the suit garnish it and tried to as quickly as possible to give him a kitchen table.

  • That's it.

  • I grew up in Los Angeles, more specifically sent General Valley.

  • You know, it's a place where when Pizza Hut goes out of business, you know, the Chinese restaurant bills in and I'm not exaggerating.

  • There's maybe 1000 Chinese restaurants where he grew up with and, you know, we had a really authentic Tony's restaurants, you know, different types, whether was quick surf I noodle shop and not knowing much about American food.

  • Besides, like going to get it out or something like that.

  • So really just kind of embedded in soaked in Asian culture, you know, this is how we grew up eating.

  • We wanted to share that with everyone in New York City.

Hi, My name is Richard.


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臺灣牛肉湯為何能風靡全球? (Why Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Is Ready to Take Over | Food Skills)

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