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  • Background music playing. Today we are standing in front of Malaysia's

  • most iconic building the Petronas Towers. There are lots of different vantage points

  • around the park so that you can get your shot with the Petronas Towers and this is one of

  • them. The Petronas Towers took six years to build

  • and they were the tallest buildings in Asia until Tapei 101 took them over and I've been

  • to Taipei 101 and these are more impressive. Background music playing.

  • We're standing at Merdeka Square which means Independence Square. This used to be a former

  • Cricket Field but now it's being used for something completely different. And just behind

  • us we have the Sultan Abdul Sahmad Building which is quite impressive.

  • Background music playing. Massive. Absolutely gigantic flag in the back.

  • Background music playing. And this flag over here it absolutely massive.

  • The flagpole is 95 meters tall and it is one of the biggest in all of SE Asia.

  • Background music playing. We're going to take you on a high speed journey

  • from KL Sentral station to KL LCC station at night. Let's go for a ride.

  • Background music playing. Continuous background music playing.

  • Bright and early. It's on seven twenty in the morning. And I've been dragged out of

  • bed by someone to go visit the Batu Caves early in the day. And how are we getting there?

  • We are taking the commuter train from KL Sentral. One ringgit each! It was cheap.

  • Background music playing. Today we're visiting the Batu Caves. It's

  • only thirteen kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur and this is an important Hindu Shrine.

  • The caves takes its name from the Batu river and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. Looks like

  • it's feeding time for the pigeons over here. Bird noises.

  • Background music. Who said money or food couldn't buy you friends.

  • Background music playing. Here I am on step number one. I've only got

  • two hundred and seventy two more of these bad boys to climb. Up we go.

  • Background music playing. There are lots of Mac ques or little monkeys.

  • It's the first time I've seen monkeys up close, so it's all that I'm taking pictures of at

  • the temple. Finally, two hundred and seventy two steps

  • later we have made it to the top. Background music playing.

  • Music being played - traditional style drums and horns

  • So this is actually my third time coming to the Batu Caves but this is by far the earliest

  • I've come and what a difference it makes. There is hardly anyone here. It feels like

  • we have the place to ourselves. We've had intimate encounters with pigeons, monkeys,

  • roosters. There is a performance going on. My tip to anyone is to come early.

  • We beat the first tour bus group here. Look at them coming. Hahahaha!

  • Background music playing. Background music playing.

  • So today we're having dinner at a great little restaurant. It's located right across from

  • the Pudaraya bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur. And it's Indian food. My favorite.

  • Nothing like refreshing fruit drinks to start the meal. Here is our food. Ooooh! Nice. Thank

  • you. Background music playing.

  • So what we are having today is called Roti Canai and it is an Indian flat bread. I got

  • one that has cheese inside and I'm going to dip it in the curry sauce. And the roti canai

  • is actually the Malaysian form of Indian bread. Oh yeah!

  • What we're having here is roti canai. And Roti means bread in Hindi and Malay. Canai

  • in malay means to roll out the dough. How do you roll it out? Show me ;) Nice.

  • It's made with flat egg flour water and in special cases where there is special ingredients

  • like this one right here. It has cheese. Sam's feeling a little shy because there is

  • people watching him eat right now. Is it the freckles? Is it the t-shirt? Is it because

  • he's using his hands? It's a spectacle. What could it be?

  • Background music playing. There are two ways to eat roti canai. By hand

  • or by utensil. And believe me I will not give up an opportunity to use my hands. Demonstrate

  • for us. Mix it up good. Ewww, that's sloppy.

  • Hahaha. You just wiped it on your pants. No, I didn't.

  • And Audrey here will be having it using utensils. Well, I on the other hand am eating like

  • a lady using a fork and spoon. Oooh Lala. Keeping it classy.

  • background music playing.

Background music playing. Today we are standing in front of Malaysia's


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