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  • hi guys welcome back to my channel today I am showing you my most worn items

  • these are the items that you constantly constantly see on my Instagram and

  • constantly ask me where they're from so I decided to collect it all and maybe

  • inspire you to get some good basic pieces so I'm gonna start with the

  • accessories because they're the closest to me the first are my common projects

  • honestly they are wow they look so bad I've worn them through the winter last

  • year throughout the summer spring fall I'm gonna probably do this winter and

  • then I'll probably have to give them to some like shoe spa if they can do

  • anything about it I have to say these are pricey but

  • probably the best purchase I've made they became an inseparable part of my

  • wardrobe a lot of you guys always ask me what is like the best basic white

  • sneakers on the pricier side these are amazing and then I'm gonna link below an

  • affordable option for you guys that I also find to be really really good the

  • next item we're continuing to a bag this is the classic Chanel that I got like

  • six months ago this was love at first sight I walked into the boutique not

  • looking for nothing to buy and then it was just standing there in the corners

  • having at me I just couldn't resist this one actually carried it a little like

  • Richard Gere trick on me and got this bad

  • knowing why this color is just so beautiful and it works so well obviously

  • the green for his green is very very in and it's kind of like a staple color

  • that still has its own personality but can fit into a lot of different color

  • schemes clothing wise so definitely been wearing this a lot next one is this

  • Chloe crossbody that I got from the real real it is probably my most most most

  • used bad for the past four months that I've owned it it's super easy to carry

  • it's super light and can fit quite a bit this is also my go-to bag when I run out

  • the door with the kids also this is where I put like my essential stuff like

  • a wallet and car keys and a lip balm and phone and I then don't have to go into

  • my bags and try to find them so this has been a really surprising very useful one

  • I actually stopped myself from getting a crossbody for a long time just because

  • it felt too trendy for me but I found this one online and I just felt like it

  • still had this feminine chic look to it and still found it super useful I've

  • been wearing my beautiful layer jewelry if you haven't followed along an

  • Instagram you might not know but we actually are launching the layered

  • jewelry line and I have been testing and loving these few pieces that we're gonna

  • come out with and I'm really excited for you guys to check it out I've been

  • rocking this little like jewelry set we have this stud we have this Hagee with

  • diamonds and all the pieces are 14 karat gold and the Diamonds are all

  • conflict-free diamonds so I'm really proud of that then we have

  • scuff there are a lot of people like oh my god you got a piercing and it's not

  • as fake huh this is a cuff that I've been really loving and I feel like it

  • makes you look cooler I've been testing this out to make sure that it doesn't

  • fall or like go anywhere and I've been really happy with the result in the

  • collection and we are very very close to launching it so stay tuned I can't wait

  • to show you now we're gonna move to clothing these denim from princess Polly

  • these are actually Levi's I've been a major score for me a lot of you guys ask

  • me where they're from I think this is the most flattering pair I own I would

  • say just because it makes a really nice visual here in here and it's cropped it

  • has a nice crop to it like just the right length you know how some of them

  • are like to cross or too long this is perfect and they are slimming yet still

  • like comfortable and stretchy so major score on these ones the style of these

  • are rib cage crop flare and I'm a size 24 I got them in prisons poly but I'm

  • sure you can probably Google this style and you'll find it on other websites in

  • case it's not available there the next step is this overcoat the new-age teddy

  • coat I am so in love with it wear it a lot a lot a lot and the reason why I

  • love it is the fact that it's kind of the evolution from the really fake

  • looking teddy code of last year that felt a little juvenile for me and this

  • has a more refined look to it this is from smite and I've been wearing it a

  • lot the color is perfect it's like not brown it's kind of topia Sh I feel like

  • I repeated this item probably this is the third year I showcase this

  • turtleneck it's honestly just the best this is from Club Monaco and I think

  • it's a cashmere blend every time I go on the website I try to find this and blog

  • because it's kind of like my trusted go-to turtleneck this is better

  • one of my staples that I just continuously wear the next item is this

  • blazer from Zara I actually showed you guys when I went and found it at the

  • store this was hanging beside another blazer that has the same coloring and I

  • kind of showed you the reason why I chose this one I just felt like the way

  • the structure of it and just the buttons and details really gave it a more

  • expensive look to it so this has been one that I've been wearing quite a bit

  • again very neutral color works with a lot of things I also like to wear it

  • under overcoats which gives just kind of another layer to work with and then we

  • have this amazing thrift find that I got at a vintage store actually pretty

  • unexpectedly I was shopping for a Halloween lookbook and then I just saw

  • it in the corner of my eyes and these shoulder pads just hit me and I grabbed

  • it and I loved it so so much it's very much of like an old style I would say

  • maybe like 80s or 90s it's a men's code at size 6 so it's not that big but it

  • has that oversized look to it the shoulder pads give it such a chic unique

  • look and also the color is again neutral perfect love it

  • so happy I found it oh my god did you see my Brown don't forget to subscribe

  • and press the bell Thank You lovely so much for watching for more fashion

  • content check out the 8 must have boots for winter

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I am showing you my most worn items


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