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hot too happily better One day I will pay for what is right there next And it's days just seem so dark Moon stars a nothing without you way But this feeling it's next.
Wait, wait, That is great.
You know, you do not get to talk.
I guess it's sure Good.
Just things that's never seem to go toe Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, Wait My heart When the rest of me is lashing out No way Could I wait Good.
Hey before But oh, hey spend some running And I always got away But with you I'm feeling something makes me watch Wait, But someday there's something I got you Oh, you and me We made for better for worse I can't believe you Way, way, way, way, way Because you don't think I know you Wait Maybe no way you wait.
You must think that I'm And you must think that you must think.
But I've seen this before, so I'm never gonna let you close to me.
Even though you mean the most to me My open never gonna get close to you even though I mean the most weight.
Wait no, quick!
This is maybe some.
Is it true I'm not good at a one, but I'm just thinking this.
That's never seen to.
I don't want you to leave your home.
I want you too, don't you?
No, it's not a good sound on me.
It can be all right, Jeanne To May, He could be a preacher When your soul is taken.
Be Lord er whom no witness stand but never love you Like I can can can Is that so?
No way.
Uh, you live, is you?
You and I were made off.
Okay, Nice.
I can't believe it's over now in the way, do you?
I'm crazy because you don't think you call me?
Not really.
You don't think I'm no all right?


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26 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 19 日
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