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  • So it's been a while since I switched smartphones, and it's kind of my job.

  • It's kind of what I have to do here on the channel.

  • I gotta try out as much stuff as possible.

  • Which smartphones Air worth your time, your money?

  • The last time I switched, it was to a not very current device, or at least not a recently released device.

  • I switched back over to the galaxy.

  • Note.

  • Nine.

  • I got some feedback from people.

  • I got a few messages that there was a problem with the camera unit on the note.

  • Nine.

  • So I wanted to go investigate.

  • I thought, What better way than just inserting my SIM card to see if I could encounter the problem that people were describing to me?

  • I did not have that issue.

  • I've used this camera unit now for God.

  • It's probably like a month.

  • I have not encountered that issue, not even once.

  • In fact, I should just tell you before I get on with switching to the next device that my experience with the note nine was great.

  • I even started to use the pen a little bit.

  • This little guy right here in the past.

  • I wasn't, you know, I wasn't too pumped up about it kind of guy.

  • I don't know.

  • This time around, I really wanted to make an effort to use it certain circumstances, and I actually enjoyed it.

  • The battery life on a device was awesome.

  • I utilized the wireless charging all the time, the camera.

  • A great performer of fine performer, I started used Samsung pay a little bit.

  • It can simulate the mag stripe so you can tap it even on machines where vendors air like That's not gonna work.

  • And you're like, Yes, it is, say, even used the headphone jack at a couple of different occasions.

  • It's a worthy flagship device.

  • Course still has the dedicated Bixby button and Bixby launching just randomly.

  • Sometimes, you know that's not something I want.

  • As you can see, I have configured the entire interface here through Noble Launcher, but I can't sit on this phone forever.

  • They need to experiment with the other stuff that's out there and somehow some way.

  • One device that slipped through the cracks because of these extended scenarios in which I've been using other devices is this one right here.

  • This is the latest one plus, which I just grabbed, cracked it out of the package.

  • This, of course, is the special McLaren version with the crazy fast recharged.

  • But it does come at a cost.

  • I'm giving up wireless charging.

  • Come on, one plus, Let's do it.

  • Let's just throw it in.

  • If you look at the back, you could see the subtle carbon fiber look underneath the glass back.

  • And then, of course, the orange accent around the bottom.

  • I figured if I was going to switch to the one plus 60 why not just do the McClaren version since I had it?

  • The thing about these devices is that the software is modified by the vendor, of course, one plus, but generally in a manner which is more acceptable to me.

  • To my taste buds.

  • The modifications that they make typically improve my user experience instead of detracting from it.

  • And that's a rarity in the smartphone space.

  • Generally speaking, I just want stock android like you would get on the pixel devices.

  • But if I can't have that this one year, what one plus is doing is kind of my next choice.

  • Of course, I'm always curious about the camera unit.

  • This model does not have a fingerprint scanner on the back.

  • So it'll be face on lock or the front fingerprint scanner under the display.

  • That will be a bit of an adjustment.

  • Also very quick face unlocked.

  • Previously not the most secure in the industry, but rapid.

  • Very quick.

  • So maybe I'll go back to using that a little bit, or at least testing it out.

  • Is this still considered a budget device?

  • I guess it depends on where you're located.

  • This is the Maur expensive Special Edition.

  • One plus has been incredibly popular in certain markets like India.

  • I want to see how this thing stacks up immediately after having used one of the more expensive devices in the world.

  • Of course, this guy right here really do found the note.

  • Nine for 800 bucks on Amazon unlocked.

  • And what about a regular 65?

  • 49.

  • Okay, so So a fairly substantial difference.

  • It is time for the experiment to begin one.

  • Okay, there it is.

  • It's official.

  • You see that Jack Sim cards in there?

  • What do you think?

  • If you could switch to any smartphone right now, which one would it be?

  • And Why leave a comment down below?

  • I'm curious.

  • Of course.

  • The switches don't stop here.

  • I'm gonna use this one for a bit and we'll see what's next.

So it's been a while since I switched smartphones, and it's kind of my job.


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