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You again!
The CCP is crazy right now, and is arresting Christians everywhere.
Dad, can you stop going out to perform your duties?
What if they put you back in jail?
Get them!
Get them!
- Stop! Stop running! - Get back here!
Stop right there!
Amidst persecution and hardship, if we persist in spreading the gospel,
this is genuine obedience and loyalty to God,
which will earn us God's approval and blessings,
and bring us into His kingdom.
If we only work and labor, and don't pursue the truth,
or achieve change in our life disposition,
is that in accord with God's will?
I've worked for so many years, and practiced according to God's word.
Isn't that obedience to God?
These appear to be expressions of obedience from the outside,
but do we dare say
that what we do isn't contaminated with our own intentions?
Shut up!
- Xiaojie! - If we can't find Song Enze,
you'll never know peace in this house!
Xiaojie! Xiaojie!
You should prepare for the worst.
God, why didn't You protect him?
Was all my forsaking and expending not enough?
I expended for God because of my desire to gain blessings.
I was trying to bargain with God.
Doesn't that make me someone who is selfish, despicable?
If my corrupt dispositions haven't changed,
how can I enter God's kingdom?
Isn't experiencing trials as we believe in God
just the same as tempering the steel?
It takes hundreds of blows from the hammer
to remove all the impurities.
If we merely labor and work for God without pursuing the truth
or accepting judgment,
everything we do is in vain.


如此付出 预告片 (2019 Christian Movie Trailer | "Baptism by Fire" | Based on a True Story (English Dubbed))

42 分類 收藏
Isla Fisher 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 18 日
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