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  • JEFF WELLIK: A lot of the people say

  • if you don't like the weather in Iowa, just wait 10 minutes.

  • It will change.

  • MATT PATTON: On a typical day, kids

  • will be traveling 10 or 12 miles to get to school.

  • As a school superintendent, my primary concern

  • is making sure that we get everybody to and from school

  • safely.

  • JEFF WELLIK: Normally, we get up about 4:30.

  • We go out and scan the roads.

  • Matt usually goes one direction.

  • I go the opposite.

  • MATT PATTON: As the road conditions change,

  • it's important for us to stay on top of knowing

  • what's happening out there.

  • The Iowa DOT has been very valuable to us.

  • BONNIE CASTILLO: The goal of the Department of Transportation

  • is to get travelers to their location efficiently

  • and safely.

  • We have operators continuously looking

  • at over 400 cameras and other data sources 24 hours a day,

  • seven days a week.

  • It's very difficult to analyze all the different information

  • coming in.

  • TRACEY BRAMBLE: We're hoping to condense that data flow

  • and be able to analyze it much more quickly with help

  • from Iowa State.

  • NEAL HAWKINS: We're really excited to use

  • machine learning to address the operations of the road.

  • TensorFlow is helping us understand the traffic

  • patterns.

  • And with that information, we can

  • be better in alerting and being predictive.

  • TINGTING HUANG: Machine learning can automatically

  • check those images from the camera

  • to detect if a crash happens, and we can send the information

  • to traffic engineers.

  • TRACEY BRAMBLE: And if there's going

  • to be something that's going to impact your commute,

  • we want to get them that information as soon

  • as possible.

  • MATT PATTON: If technology could help us determine what's

  • occurring across the entire school district,

  • we'd make better decisions for our kids.

  • We wouldn't be up at 5 o'clock in the morning

  • driving the roads.

  • I would sleep in, to be honest with you.

  • NEAL HAWKINS: Machine learning has really

  • revolutionized the way we think about the data we have,

  • the connection we have to vehicles.

  • BONNIE CASTILLO: The Iowa roadways

  • are safer because of all the technology

  • we've been able to bring.

  • We're making travel more safe and efficient.

  • And so I only see that getting better.




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用AI保障愛荷華州道路安全 (Keeping Iowa roads safe with AI)

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