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  • thighs.

  • This is Raina Scully.

  • I'm a YouTuber animate producer and food lover living in Japan.

  • Japan is home to one of the world's most celebrated food cultures.

  • Now I'm in New York City to enjoy some of my favorite Japanese comfort foods in the U.

  • S.

  • Sushi and Roman have already gone global, but I want to show you the wider world of Japanese comfort cooking.

  • It's one of the things that I will always love.

  • So much about Japanese culture as it relates to food, is that there is a soulful next to from street food staples like Okonomiyaki.

  • You want to go somewhere.

  • I want to support the local culture, and there's nothing better to street food to bank account busting meals like you.

  • This is the fabled $85 Sando you had me at 85 more traditional delicacies like I'm diving head first into some of Japan's most fascinating foodways Italian food better than the Italian.

  • I'm super interested in the Giant.

  • Can we open it 3 50 bucks for steak?

  • That's intimidating, meeting a few friends and Japanese food obsessives along the way for some happy argue.

  • So I chased you there.

  • It was like meeting for the first time in my life and even exploring how food plays a role in some of my favorite anime.

  • Everybody will Tang Clan came up on the walls and collection cowboy bebop, some Russian pro drug policy.

  • This is our routine collection.

  • The attention they paid to the food in an enemy now is like absurd.

  • It's amazing.

  • Gotcha Gang is coming and I can't wait to eat with all of you.

  • Cheers to other chef.

  • Good food and good, open way say in Japan.

  • So some of this stuff thank you for this meal.



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日本美食大冒險來了|五知幫預告片。 (The Ultimate Japanese Food Adventure Is Coming | Gochi Gang TRAILER)

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