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  • hello guys welcome back to my channel today I decided to do a little

  • experiment with Walmart I am gonna go on a hunt for best beauty products under

  • $15 at Walmart I am confident in my abilities I'm confident with my sense of

  • direction I don't know how this has anything to do with this challenge in a

  • way going in thank you all night so much for sponsoring this video

  • hey you Walmart I'm coming hey Walmart I'm coming

  • so first I'm looking for body lotion positively radiant

  • five factors of brilliance or we want to rating it I'm not gonna be selfish today

  • and get something for Gary because he asked me for four weeks already to get

  • him a razor so you see Gary I'm listening

  • yeah girl yes this for some reason taking it much faster than I anticipated

  • okay so now can we go to the beauty products but that's what I'm here for

  • okay next one is Cetaphil so this is the one that Gary uses for his skincare okay

  • I wasn't planning to get a dry shampoo but look at this price huh I didn't even

  • know they have a dry shampoo so I'm excited I there's a lot of different

  • ones to choose from but I'm gonna go for the invisible one because I don't want

  • any white marks on my hair done now get sunscreen because we are spending a lot

  • of time at our friends pools on the weekends which is all I want something

  • for the face

  • you got me at hydro boost I'm gonna try this one okay next we're going to grab a

  • really cool fun color this is also what holds me at stores for so long I can

  • never find a color I want oh this is good this will work really

  • nicely I feel for my toes now let's see what other things we can find I'm happy

  • the challenge is not finding a bunch of products that the total would be fifteen

  • dollars because I would fail okay I got all the beauty products and I know I

  • love dr. Seuss green eggs and ham we have dr. Seuss ABC we have one fish we

  • have Fox and socks we have oh my oh my butterfly huge people there you go go oh

  • I do want some design magazines so Indiana yeah okay let's go

  • enough enough I did it and I didn't know any better for myself I bought some for

  • Gary as well and for the kids I feel very very accomplished a little haul

  • it's coming your way hey man I love Walmart I live so close to one I think

  • actually live close to like three and I see people when I go to Walmart so it's

  • like I'm being friendly and I'm getting my stuff that I need for me Walmart is

  • like my one-stop shop because I literally buy books makeup skincare

  • groceries whatever it is that I need I go and I get everything everything is

  • affordable the reason why I love them the most is because I have a really good

  • return policy which is 90 days for beauty stuff I mean I'm always out there

  • looking for new products especially affordable ones to recommend you guys

  • and to try out that's kind of where I go to do a little market research and try

  • things out I'm going to show you guys what is this SC leaded globe nail polish

  • I was looking for something a little more colorful for my toes for our next

  • vacation I usually want to go on vacation I'll keep it like basic on the

  • hand so it's not going to distract me from like whatever I'm wearing because

  • you know what sometimes like you do really colorful nails like neon nails

  • and then you put this like really elegant outfit it just like doesn't work

  • so I usually go a little crazier on the toes the next thing is this Neutrogena

  • hydraboost it's water gel sunscreen I love testing different sunscreens and

  • seeing how they work I'm all about hydration doesn't clog pores and it's

  • non greasy and it goes on really nicely so I wanted

  • try it out the next thing is set a fill this has been like a favorite in our

  • household gentle skin cleanser this is what Gary uses zenigata's Aveeno

  • positively radiant body lotion I use a vino for my kids for

  • body motion so I was curious to try this one I've never tried it this is

  • something that I'm also trying out of invisible dry shampoo first of all I

  • didn't know that dub has dry shampoo which is really awesome but it was

  • really curious to see how it works I got the invisible one refreshes hair without

  • visible residue see okay I'm gonna report back about this one this was 297

  • if this works I'll be very happy the next thing that I got is this again

  • favorite called product of voluminous carbon black L'Oreal Paris mascara this

  • I've been using on and off for so long and it's honestly just the best

  • affordable mascara and it does a good job we're just giving that volume and

  • then I got this Bioderma micellar water I use this so much and I love it so much

  • and I love the fact that Walmart carries it I clean my brushes I also clean off

  • makeup and then wash by the way don't forget that if you use my set of water

  • to clean your makeup off you have two clients after don't leave micellar water

  • on your skin it's something that I've learned like six months ago Oh Gary I

  • got Gary this Gillette skin guard razor because he asked me for it a few months

  • ago I just remembered okay welcome Gary I

  • can't wait for the products that I took to test I can't wait to tell you more

  • about those and other cold products that I've been using for years what are your

  • favorite products because you know that when you go there you never leave with

  • one thing there's just too much goodness thank you guys so much for watching and

  • I Thank You beauty so much for watching

  • the Walmart video don't forget to subscribe and press the bell and if

  • you'd like to watch the eleven drugstore dupes for luxury makeup check it out of

  • here

hello guys welcome back to my channel today I decided to do a little


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