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  • Hi, guys.

  • So, to be quite honest with you, I'm not sure what we're doing here today on my team told me that we are shooting a meeting team video that I know you guys requested.

  • And I'm really excited for you to meet all the amazing people behind the camera there helping me to create this.

  • There's also apparently an aspect of clothing.

  • They each chose an outfit for me to wear to the holiday party, which makes me a little nervous.

  • I'm gonna be trying all the outfits and I'm gonna decide which one I love the most.

  • And that one.

  • I'll be waiting for our holiday party first.

  • I'm literally where?

  • Give me a try.

  • I don't hate it.

  • Okay.

  • Where's that headband?

  • I love so much like I can make it look like a crown.

  • So this is gonna work.

  • This is how the lair is gonna style.

  • I feel like this head been gives you another personality.

  • I even liked what I did with the socks.

  • You see, it's like my shoe, but then it's also war.

  • I feel like giving like an eight.

  • All right, Next.

  • This is so funny.

  • That's Christa.

  • Tiffany, I think it makes me a better Jew.

  • John would have been my last guest for this, But I actually like, I appreciate the attention to detail and the fact that no, I'm representing.

  • And then you also get the holiday spirit Christmas here, and then you get me.

  • She actually really captured the essence of this time of year.

  • I would say this is five out of This is fun.

  • Okay, this'll kidney.

  • Yeah, right.

  • You it I would also get This is Kimmy, because this is from our it's I like the colors.

  • I so see Kimmy and this It's amazing.

  • I would give it a seven out of 10 just because it's really pretty.

  • But I feel like it's something that I would wear thio a dinner, but I don't know if it's a festive enough.

  • This'd This is Lloyd.

  • Oh, yeah, Lauren, You frisky.

  • I feel like I legit own probably like they say for sure, having a different car.

  • This is very festive.

  • And I would like my black blazer.

  • This is so e can't even believe I thought anything else was squished before.

  • What a genetic you.

  • Honestly, I feel like so far I would wear old.

  • The outfits like different occasions.

  • Last touch, right?

  • It's plaid, It's colorful, It's festive.

  • Like it a lot.

  • What's next?

  • This is I would probably parrot with, like, seeking black guys.

  • It's short.

  • You can put like a belt around it, so it shows that bigger.

  • I think it's super festive.

  • I think it's super fun.

  • I would wear it.

  • Probably not our dinner party, like I was wearing, like, out, out, you know?

  • So I give it Wow, this ISS Tiffany thing is such a fun outfit.

  • All of you guys have a pretty good because you can't ask that question during interview.

  • It's politically incorrect.

  • My give it seven.

  • I know this is literally snap.

  • I have to say credit to Eton is that I always say that I don't like a low neck.

  • This is like the perfect neck.

  • I like the colors.

  • It's festive.

  • It's really comfy.

  • I have to say I wouldn't wear to the party just cause I feel like it's too too.

  • This is it.

  • Okay.

  • This needs to go with the blast.

  • Her left just didn't think you guys are ready for this.

  • I don't think you're ready.

  • You're younger I'll go clubbing in this.

  • I like the black I like that you played.

  • There's like flying stones and there's for Foa probably wouldn't wear for this party If you look, I don't want you guys to know this side of me, so I would give it a six out of 10.

  • I want to say a huge, huge thank you to my amazing team that makes all of this possible coming below what is your favorite outfit?

  • Because I need to know what I'm wearing for dinner party.

  • Thank you for watching for some New Year's Eve outfit.

  • Inspiration.

  • Check that out.

Hi, guys.


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讓我的團隊中的每一個成員來挑選我的派對服裝。 (Letting Each Member Of My Team Pick My Party Outfit)

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