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  • the fast moving developments in the Corona virus outbreak a short time ago, two more deaths announced and the State Department issuing an extraordinary travel warning.

  • This is the virus continues its march across the country.

  • Take a look.

  • The first confirmed case in Washington state, January 20th tonight There are confirmed cases in at least 33 states and Washington D C.

  • Two more states added.

  • Just today, more than 500 people sick and now including this patient arriving at a hospital.

  • Nebraska the death toll rising to at least 21.

  • The two newest debts were residents at that nursing care center in Washington state.

  • And tonight, that cruise ship forced a circle off the coast of California is now set to dock in Oakland.

  • Tomorrow, as the U.

  • S.

  • State Department warns Americans against boarding cruise ships here in New York, news about that lawyer in critical condition, his wife breaking her silence.

  • And as the virus spreads across the country, some local leaders are sending an S.

  • O.

  • S to the Trump administration.

  • We have several reports, and we begin with ABC.

  • Stephanie Ramos, outside that hospital where the New York lawyer is being treated tonight.

  • Chilling images of officials in HAZ mat suits rushing a woman infected with the Corona virus to a Nebraska hospital in a special biocontainment unit.

  • The Corona virus.

  • Death Toll Rising toe at least 21 nationwide after two more residents died at the nursing home that is now at the center of the outbreak in Washington state, 16 life care center residents have died and three nursing homes in the state now dealing with the virus.

  • We have found this to be troubling and volatile, unpredictable.

  • Oregon now joining eight other states declaring states of emergencies.

  • New York Reporting at least 105 cases, including an uber driver.

  • At least 82 cases confirmed just north of New York City, many of them linked to this man, Lawrence Gar Booze.

  • The 50 year old lawyer is in critical condition tonight, Garbo's his wife, saying in a statement.

  • I and my family remained very hopeful of his full recovery.

  • He is a tenacious person in all aspects of its life, and I know he will come out of this strong states under pressure to deal with the growing crisis, turning to the federal government for help.

  • But getting inconsistent messages from the president and his team on testing and protocol.

  • Don't tell us things that are not true.

  • The CDC has been slow in allowing states and other commercial laboratories to test a Republican governor also expressing his concern.

  • Has the president been perfect in his communication?

  • I would say he hasn't communicated the way I would onda way.

  • I might like him, too, but I think I think the rest of the team been doing a pretty good job today.

  • The president tweeting.

  • We have a perfectly coordinated and fine tuned plan at the White House for our attack on the Corona virus.

  • But when George asked a member of the president's own task force, Dr Ben Carson, to explain the federal government's responsibility, he appeared toe add to the confusion.

  • I think it's time for people.

  • Thio really indulge themselves and learning about how viruses are spread and to take advantage of that knowledge and determining what their daily activities air going to bay.

  • I'm confused by the message you're sending right now, Dr Carson.

  • I have to say you seem to be putting all the responsibility back on individuals saying that they should be thinking for themselves.

  • I'm trying to ask you what, in the view of the government experts right now, what broader measures need to be taken?

  • Those recommendations will be coming out from the CDC.

  • They're being evaluated on a daily basis Right now.

  • The recommendation is, as I just prescribed, go about your normal daily activities if you are healthy, all right.

  • Stephanie Ramos joins us Now Live and Stephanie.

  • We heard about the recent deaths and outbreaks inside of nursing homes in Washington state and tonight here in New York, the governor taking drastic action to protect people in nursing homes.

  • That's exactly right.

  • Tom New York State now has restricted access to nursing homes.

  • Governor Cuomo, adding outside visitors, will not be allowed inside nursing homes in the New Rochelle area.

  • That's where the lawyer who's been being treated here lives.

  • The governor also says people should work from home if they can.

  • Tom All right, Stephanie Ramos leading us off tonight.

  • Stephanie.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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  • Thanks for watching.

the fast moving developments in the Corona virus outbreak a short time ago, two more deaths announced and the State Department issuing an extraordinary travel warning.


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冠狀病毒爆發後的快速發展情況 (Fast moving developments in the coronavirus outbreak)

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