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  • you know what's good is totally formally smart back with another block.

  • I'm kind of enjoying doing these blokes.

  • I think I'm gonna gonna keep keep keep doing a couple more, I think the feet That was really good on the last one.

  • So I appreciate you for all of that on going.

  • Keep going.

  • Keep coming up.

  • I'm gonna be heading to Love brought Thio Help Heart Pure Swept with a professional basketball workup.

  • Could be the first time I've ever seen pros work out.

  • It's gonna be with Coach Gary Maitland.

  • I'm just really looking forward to it.

  • It's a new thing for me is something I've never done before on dhe.

  • I really hope this is gonna be a really good learning opportunity to me.

  • So it's actually a funny story how the opportunity came about to get involved in this work up.

  • So, my friend, most of my name is the genius.

  • He says, Oh, you should You should get involved.

  • A kill switch.

  • Do you know about Gary Maitland?

  • Yeah, I did it for a while, So you should get in touch with him.

  • So this is a cheese it now I'm thinking Okay, I'm unless the right only until December late.

  • So I'll hit up.

  • Coach made back in London.

  • Then on Friday night I saw on Instagram check into people's stories and then I see Coach mainland.

  • There's also a couple volunteers to help up with.

  • Work out enough.

  • So I'm last messages.

  • Yeah, I could help Mark be that and he says, Fool, come alone.

  • So that's how I got Mom.

  • She's another message murder like, Oh, it's crazy hard cheese.

  • They were talking about this on the No Friday.

  • I'm actually helping our work on the mod.

  • Typical.

  • My question was like Gets his movement, Yes, so Miyamoto gonna be going down to the workup.

  • I'm really just excited for the opportunity.

  • I really just wanted to take a moment to just say that if an opportunity doesn't come your way, you should just go for it.

  • So for me, like lot brah is about it's a 10 minute train and then about 1/2 hour walk to the unique, so it's a bit off the way.

  • It's not quite where would be.

  • If the opportunity comes about, just take it.

  • Whether you're getting paid experience, hopes on you never know where it's gonna go.

  • I don't know where this hole at least smart things gonna go, but hopefully this is gonna help it grow even more.

  • On another thing is I believe it speaking things into existence.

  • So it's crazy how much more we're talking about it.

  • I didn't dismiss it like I did believe it.

  • I just didn't think it would happen.

  • This scene bomb in the Bible doesn't say the power of life and death is in the top.

  • So that is why you believe in the power of speaking the power of words.

  • Anyway, I'm gonna get ready to head out to this workout.

  • Had to lock her up on.

  • Hopefully, it's gonna be It's gonna be a great experience right now.

  • Looking down through the courts.

  • I'm just quite a crack.

  • Said it.

  • Actually, for the first time I've ever seen a pro properly work up getting involved Pierce as well.

  • Obviously there's such a big organization.

  • Get C one of the best trainers in the country basically so they could afford to head in there.

  • Now I'll just go home.

  • It's about 3 p.m. Just got back from LA for helping our coach, Maitland up your sweat on dhe coach charm from Love Pre University.

  • But we're working out Man Anderson of the Leicester Riders in the UK on Don't be so called a place for you.

  • Come last year in Spain, it was a great experience for me.

  • I go to so how perfect.

  • So it's the first time I've ever got to see that.

  • I wish I'd been able to see when I was younger, actually, because I have a very inspiring for me.

  • The main thing was the way that these guys pushed.

  • When they're tired, it's It's over in a lead level, like they get tired just like anyone else.

  • But when they look in and they start to make even more shots when this.

  • So it was amazing to see that I was basically like a body bag today.

  • They were just bumping me.

  • I'll spend defense on them.

  • For the most part.

  • I'm so tired, but it was a good experience.

  • Thank you, Coach Male and thank you for your sweat until next time.

  • Stay blessed.

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  • It's all next time.

  • Stay blessed.

  • Okay, wait.

you know what's good is totally formally smart back with another block.


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Pure Sweat Pro Workout (feat. Gary Maitland, Ovie Soko & Jamell Anderson) | Vlog #2 (Pure Sweat Pro Workout (feat. Gary Maitland, Ovie Soko & Jamell Anderson) | Vlog #2)

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