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  • a great head boy and Lana rhyme Magic Stride sees flash on the inside of a Corinne Comes green.

  • Brandel in Everett on Behind them Blue Reef.

  • Final argument of W six times on Fred.

  • Come down to the next.

  • All right head guard Corinne Splash on the end up.

  • Craddock after them to green bramble number five.

  • I got a great boy Thackery and sees flashing green bamboo.

  • Never W six times they come to the first of the ditches around on the inside, a great head boy lands in the lead artery in a very close Come see splash corn.

  • A little gap, then to green.

  • Bramble Everett getting a reminder W six times his next final argument.

  • Fast side Blue Reef Fred Dylan are finally top weight.

  • A royal ball racing towards the next Macarena, right up with the pace.

  • So great, head boy, I read a splash.

  • Then comes green Bramble.

  • I thought, if I find a lot of the neighbor W six times a ditch and they're all safe 12 standing coming down to the next offensive of the second last on the next circuit.

  • Great head boy sees flashing factory in Green Bank W six times and ever final argument Pill in a roll bar, getting a little bit closer.

  • And then Blue Reef Great Head boy over on the far side.

  • Notarized fantasies flash right up an accurate and green scrambler.

  • W six times of ever final argument by the water number 11.

  • The 18 Fences and Great Head Boy John Joanie on the far side of land arises Flash next to the knack.

  • Alina Green Bramble Then w six times Everett Final argument for a pillow hand.

  • Oh, man.

  • Huh?

  • Well, go on.

  • Getting a reminder there from Tom, but I really don't think he wants to know.

  • This afternoon Blue Reef is now the back great head boy on the inside Old Man Arai Sea Splash Corinne Green Bramble W.

  • Six times Final argument.

  • Every foot robot, another plane.

  • One number 12.

  • Great head boy on arrives.

  • He's got little mistake there by Green Bramble Macarena on his outside W.

  • Six times going quite well in six places.

  • Behind the leader is quite a gap, then to final argument as the leaders come down your next great head boy land awry, green bramble improving and a green bramble puts in a beautiful jump there.

  • Green Bramble jumps right up to the leaders as they race towards the final ditch on the far side on green Bramble, looking as there is in fact, in a jump it in the lead Lee does from land around on the outside than Great Head by W six times is still improving.

  • Then come sees flashing Macarena under pressure.

  • Steve Smith vehicles with a two length of body now on the favorite, being chased by land or I W.

  • Six times improving on the outside of great hit Roy.

  • Then come seize pleasure behind see splashes, our Kareen racing down towards the next and green.

  • Bramble has gone a long way clear as they come down to the fourth last in the Sporting Life weekend, a chase green bramble at the fourth Flowers jumps it clear.

  • W six times has improved into second, though it's been improving a long while.

  • This is the final ditch.

  • Now Green Bramble lands in the lead from W six times, only three lengths behind W, six times still improving.

  • Coming down to the second last green bramble Steve's physicals being chased by Ronnie begging on W six times green ramble on the far side lands only a length.

  • Hair off W six times coming down to the final.

  • Friends Darling Sporting Weekend.

  • Jay's green ramble on the far side W six times on the near side green bramble with the advantage of the lost lands in the lead up to six times racing into the dozen stages.

  • Green Bramble from W.

  • Six times.

  • Fred Cullen has moved in with a great head boy for because they raise up towards the line.

  • Green Gamble.

  • Tiring, but it's gonna hold him well.

  • And if they raced towards the line Green Bramble wins the Sporting Life weekend.

  • A Chase Second is gonna be W six times Fred Full great Good boy, followed by a Korean Lana Rye final argument and sees flash.

a great head boy and Lana rhyme Magic Stride sees flash on the inside of a Corinne Comes green.


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賽馬 1985年體育生命周遊賽大通賽綠荊棘號 (Horse Racing 1985 Sporting Life Weekender Handicap Chase Green Bramble)

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