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  • Hello Everyone want is up.

  • It is me, you and from what culture gaining, Joined as ever by Joshie.

  • Josh Brown talking today about some breaking news regarding the situation of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E Three on most enjoyed gaming festivals of every year.

  • And, well, John, she is this kind of, you know, not going to plan, is it?

  • No, it's officially cancelled.

  • Sadly, after 24 hours, a sort of, you know, nonstop rumors that, yes, they were holding essentially crisis talks and figuring out what they're going to do with the impending crisis sweeping the entire world of the moment.

  • There was so many rumors that was going to be counsel, but now they've come out officially stated that, yes, this year's e three.

  • At least the event is not going ahead.

  • But you know they are doing something.

  • I'll read you the statement first, they said, after careful consultation with our member companies regarding the health and safety of everyone in our industry, our fans, our employees, our exhibitors and there a long time.

  • If we partners, we have made the difficult decision to counsel E 3 2020 scheduled for June 9th to 11 in Los Angeles.

  • However, while the event isn't going ahead, the company also said they were going to court coordinate an online experience to showcase industry announcements and use in June 2020.

  • So it's essentially you and kind of what we speculated on earlier in the week.

  • E three.

  • The event, the flaws, the booth that's not going to be soft dances you Bishop dances.

  • That's not going to go ahead.

  • But the idea that the game reveals that we're going to be short cast that could still go ahead in what form?

  • I don't know, But it will be a digitally only thing.

  • Still, this sucks.

  • But it's not like it was kind of unforeseen that everyone was expecting this to happen.

  • It was more matter off, you know, when rather than it Yeah, I mean, we're gonna impact this more tomorrow.

  • I think there are a whole host of other announcements that were scheduled to come out that we're hearing more about.

  • You know the story develops, but yeah, this hole's races loads of big implications for E three going forward, and you know it's going to be interesting to see how that's all pans out, especially after you know the conversations that were occurring last week when they were talking about how the industry will react once E three isn't in the picture, at least for a year now.

  • Obviously, they're taking steps to rectify that aural experience, that with the kind of the direct style presentation that they seem to have in mind.

  • But again, it remains to be seen how that all comes into effect.

  • I mean, yeah, this is gonna be like, I have a major impact on your gaming in general in 2020 because if this if something is biggest E three, you know you're gonna have to postpone or cancel out, right like this is until next year.

  • I don't know what that means for each of these individual companies is very much a strange time.

  • It's kind of day by day.

  • Maur uses coming out more information coming out.

  • We're going to find out more about the plans off.

  • You know, the developers and the publishers who were going to be there because it sucks for those people who have been working on these games and organizing this event for so long to essentially at the last minute have to cancel it.

  • But if we're being honest, I think that this year's E three was kind of in trouble before the recent events because, you know, early in the week were important that the creative director left the events.

  • It was the way I am a bit.

  • They essentially jumped ship, you know, we had company is pulling out before this, so it was kind of always in trouble, but this is the essentially, you know, the icing on the cake.

  • And now it is not going ahead.

  • But we still I have something to look forward to.

  • A Yes from, you know, a fan perspective.

  • From a consumer perspective, they're still gonna be something to happen.

  • Games are still going to be announced.

  • I was released, but just know in the conventional way, I suppose.

  • Yeah.

  • You please let me know what you think off the e three cancellation down the Collins, though.

  • Are you disappointed about not going ahead or you kind of intrigued by what it could mean for the industry going forward?

  • What's going on?

  • Things like share and some scarring.

  • Head back over to what culture dot com forward slash getting for more news.

  • Listen, articles about the developing a three story, then there you can follow me on Twitter at you Marines.

  • Things that give all Josh on Twitter.

  • I just bring it to us and we'll see you next time.

  • Bye bye.

  • What's gonna happen tomorrow?

  • I don't know.

  • Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow begs in this petty pace from day to day.

  • Yes, I did do English.

  • Oh.

Hello Everyone want is up.


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