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  • Yeah, a BB news.

  • Okay, Okay.

  • Now, Max.

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  • Arch keypunch.

  • Very country millions.

  • But the Congress party say todavia alone at ST Kitts area up next pickup.

  • But just about Roger, make a mollusc.

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  • Cindy K.

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  • Even Malika harkis in there.

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  • Pardon me, Karuna By the stage itself No bad basada Hi!

  • Make a chain I posited Mamma Sammy, I get Omi Khurana!

  • Cool!

  • Mom lays Bara Hogan Deprivation is viruses and Kermit!

  • Looky Sonia!

  • Karol Saldana Ezquerro Tom Kelly A very festive Dodger.

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  • But actually I'm not Govind.

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  • Whom here?

  • Hala geckos.

  • Suga kun, aka technical lobe.

  • You part?

  • They should Dona Ki baki body couple kill you.

  • Take today ABP news?

  • Yeah, a BB meals.

  • Okay.

  • Make it our home.

  • Britta Hahn.

  • Country CDs too.

  • Shouldn't Yvonne brought best buddy?

Yeah, a BB news.


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音頻公告。賈斯汀-斯金迪亞辭去國大黨黨職|ABP新聞 (Audio Bulletin: Jyotiraditya Scindia Resigns From Congress Party | ABP News)

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