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  • wth E.

  • Harry Potter Museum opened up recently here on this loss and I'm told that you showed up here just, I don't know about an hour ago and you had a look for the first time.

  • True, it is I've never been to because, you know, Harry Potter museums are a strange place for me to visit.

  • So one in London, I missed the opening and going back has never really been an option.

  • So it was great.

  • It was completely empty.

  • I did that thing of just like walking past security without really checking in and being like, I can go in right, Like, this is I'm fine on went in.

  • And, uh, there was my costume from the second film, and I'm just assumes I saw it.

  • I remember thinking that was the time we started using rubberized blood for continuity.

  • So it stayed the same all the time, and I just immediately was like, Oh, I wonder if it's still there and I was touched it and it was still there, and it was just a cool moment of like being taken back immediately.

  • 12 years, you know, it's so crazy to think of you walking through a Harry Potter museum, and I would think that you could almost go in and people wouldn't even think it was you.

  • If there were other people there, they might think that Oh, there's a robot.

  • Wow, this exhibits really interactive.

  • Yeah.

  • No, he's a hologram.

  • You probably like I'm watching you, but that's what it is like.

  • I am a hologram.

  • Some places I am in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

  • You appear as a hologram at several points during the exhibit.

  • So yeah, it's might be a hologram right now I don't even know.

wth E.


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丹尼爾-雷德克里夫參觀哈利波特博物館 - CONAN on TBS. (Daniel Radcliffe Visited The Harry Potter Museum - CONAN on TBS)

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