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  • Joe has a few more delegates will see what's happening in California where we want every state is terribly important.

  • I think come Tuesday, maybe you should get most of blasting.

  • All I could say way we're gonna work as hard as we can to win here in Michele, and I think we have a message.

  • There is Bernie Sanders in Michigan, the biggest prize of six states next Tuesday.

  • Four years ago, centers upset Hillary Clinton there.

  • Can he do it again?

  • Must he do it again to stay in this race?

  • We asked 5 3/8 Nate Silver.

  • If he buys that Michigan is make or break for Bernie Sanders.

  • At this point in the primary, with almost 40% of delegates already chosen, we're no longer in a race for momentum or four symbolic victories.

  • It is a race for delegates and from a delegate Sandpoint Tuesday does not look so great for Bernie Sanders.

  • Are projections Have Joe Biden winning and potential landslides in Mississippi in Missouri and getting about 25 delegates between those two states states that we're supposed to be good for Bernie, like Washington and Idaho are now polling as ties that means the Doug it's there would be only about evenly split.

  • But every comeback has to start somewhere, and Michigan could be the first of a long series of steps back into contention for Bernie Sanders.

  • Sure, he's down in the polls there, but the same thing was true in 2016 and he won the state anyway.

  • So here's one possible scenario.

  • If Bernie wins Michigan on Tuesday, insurance mostly symbolic.

  • But that could set him up for a good debate next Sunday, which in turn would set up for a big night thief following Tuesday, March 17th when four states vote.

  • Those states, like Florida, Ohio, Illinois in Arizona and together they have almost 600 delegates.

  • To be sure, this is an uphill battle.

  • Bernie lost all four of these states in 2016.

  • There are lots of older voters in Florida and Arizona also who were not a good group for Bernie.

  • Nonetheless, what they win in Michigan, Bernie's chance of winning a delegate morality would rise to 13% according to our model.

  • So not great, but something real toe work with.

  • With the loss of Michigan, though, those chests would be just 3% instead.

  • 3% isn't 0% but that's close enough to a must win for me.

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Joe has a few more delegates will see what's happening in California where we want every state is terribly important.


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3月10日的初選 "對伯尼-桑德斯來說,在代表權方面並不那麼好"。內特-西爾弗 (March 10 primary 'does not look so great for Bernie Sanders' in terms of delegates: Nate Silver)

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