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  • Hello.

  • My name is Anika Svenska, and I'm a wildlife presenter on a conservationist.

  • Every year the world is intoxicated by the glamour off Royal ascot.

  • The hats, the royalty in attendance, the fashion champagne on tap on the rich British culture provides a beautiful smoke screen to the races.

  • I think as a culture, horse racing is deeply embedded.

  • Andi.

  • It's probably never going to be removed completely, but we can certainly do something to improve the standards of horse racing in general.

  • They have bean over 1400 horse deaths on British race courses since 2007.

  • On the number grows every year, Charles and I'm on the ground.

  • National will consider to be the most deadly, with their steeplechase jumps and pits, which caused neck breaks, compound fractures on serious injuries to the jockeys.

  • These horses never leave the track.

  • I feel that horse racing standards seriously need some improvement.

  • Three things would make a considerable improvement.

  • The removal of jumps at steeplechase races the short courses two under 4.5 miles on the booth riding crop, a whip.

  • Norway bands the whip several years ago, and they've done very well with their races without this, so I would like to see an end to the whip as well.

  • Just improvements in these three areas would pave the way for cutting the huge amount of injuries and deaths to a fraction of what there is now.

  • So this year I am wearing another hat.

  • Except this time it's goingto have a poignant message.

  • The hats will have 1357 roses to represent the death of every single horse since 2007 and I would like to appeal to the media through wearing my hat to actually ask them to improve well Fed standards.

  • I'd like to communicate with the public, communicate with people, communicate with horse race owners, people that work in the industry so we can come to a conclusion on how we can help.

  • The horse is better.

  • The hat itself was a project onto its own.

  • The huge boxes of foam roses had to be transported across London to celebrity milliner Louis Mariette, who offered to create the hat being the son of a vet on a great animal lover.

  • He, too, agrees that changes need to be made for the horses, and now is the time.

  • I've always felt, you know where our nation of animal lovers on what better way than Ascot to open up this very serious issue?

  • I'm sure many people who support on I don't have a great positive outcome to this campaign Hall started will need to be improved.

  • I mean, when you see the statistics, which an IQ over my eyes, too, and I feel actually quite guilty because, you know, for many years beats mascot.

  • I was unaware of it on being very strict after in the industry.

  • My clients, it's important part of my business.

  • And yet I think, I think, as intelligent people in this country.

  • Of course, this is an important subject.

  • So Louis and I got to work individually, hand dipping over 1400 roses in paint, kindly sponsored by a local D I y store.

  • Ironically, the paint was called Red Stallion.

  • One horse seemed to approvingly watch over us as we worked hard through two whole nights, painting the roses alone.

  • The immense six foot wire frame was then covered in rich black fabric on the roses attached meticulously by hand, and there it waas in all its immensity.

  • Huge, heavy and certainly not discreet.

  • Then it was time for the fitting.

  • So now what?

  • Please stay tuned for the ongoing story to see if this hat can help us pave the way for the changes, which is so desperately needed.

  • If you would like to find out more about the issues surrounding racehorse welfare, the following charities and organizations provide an excellent source of information.

  • My name is Anika Svenska, and you can find out more about this project by visiting my website, www dot greenwell tv dot co dot UK.

  • For press enquiries, please contact Nikki's on cap pulled when at East of Eden.

  • Details are below thank you.



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賽馬之死--"一頂帽子換來的改變"--2016年皇家亞瑟王大賽--第一部分。 (RACEHORSE DEATHS - 'A HAT FOR CHANGE' - ROYAL ASCOT 2016 - PART 1)

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