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  • In the mid 6th Century when Portuguese ship were sailing of Taiwan and con side of the

  • island the sailor shaded out(I.Formofa) which means a beautiful island it's Taiwan came

  • to be known as (I.Formofa) or the beautiful island in the west.\par

  • \par For thousand of years indigenous people have

  • lived in a cultivated in this beautiful island following waves of imgrance arriving from

  • china from about four hundred years ago onwords the original inhabitant continue to practice

  • traditional lifestyle in the mountain and more remote eastern parts of the island well

  • the Chinese stalled on the island furdal plains and hills \par

  • \par These immigrants worked and rested according

  • to the seasonal cycle they began to till the land when the spring fondren under role by

  • working to the temple of nature these new qamar turned Taiwan into a thriving place

  • to live\par \par

  • Because the indigenous people traditionally attaches great importance to coexisting and

  • coprossping with nature the nature the land through slash and burn agriculture and by

  • leaving it valo\par \par

  • The hunting season prescribed by ancestor rules also help them maintain ecological balance

  • of animals and insure the clancy sustainable development

  • the hunting season ended after the fall season to allow animals to breed this clearly show

  • the indigenous understanding of sustainable developments\par

  • \par The Dao Tribe of island which depends on the

  • sea for survival also abaisse by ancestors rules on fishing indeed surtain fish are only

  • to be caught during prescribed seasons grunties that the Ocean never runs out of fish. \par

  • \par This reverence for nature is evident everywhere

  • in indigenous life the indigenous people close union with nature is revealed through their

  • songs the bantu tribes Local music moving the echoes the sounds of nature throuhg the

  • human voice these resonating sounds replicate mamreing flow of water buzzing honey bees

  • or the low cry of mountains winds these sounds into create different scale of the music of

  • the nature \par \par

  • Taiwan abandoned natural resources have under crisis due to population pressure and runaway

  • economic development for past one hundred years the island forest resources have drindon

  • because of overlocking in the single year during 1960 a record a one million tons of

  • timber were cut down valuable cypress and cedar trees were chopped down to build houses

  • produce furniture or exported for cash \par \par

  • In 1980 Taiwan ecological conservation movement began to take shape a logging bane was in

  • force in 1989 and overnight longerjack change jobs to collect seed and inventionly became

  • front line personal for reforestation\par \par

  • At the same time oceanology movement also took off and new scene emoraged of Taiwan

  • Coastal water crowds of people began to enjoy the side of whales that often circle of the

  • area gressing these beautiful water with magnificence\par \par

  • Does economic expansion necessarily clash with ecological protection in reality a balance

  • can be struck between the too if the beautiful land can be implemented through careful planning

  • \par \par

  • Sunlight pictures clearly showed two thirds of Taiwan is made up a force undoubtedly force

  • of the light blood of the island and the search for the put hold of Taiwan must start from

  • here \par \par

  • For decades geographer geoologist and ecologist have to vers this land seedless studying and

  • planning future land development\par \par

  • Given the limitation of Taiwan's land governments rely on experts to further restrict developments

  • of protected force and coastal areas combined these areas count for about half of the total

  • national land bance and are crucial to the sustainable development of Taiwan\par

  • \par }



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