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  • Thanks the Seabees.

  • Key interest rate is lower than ever.

  • A lot of people are annoyed by this doubt, whether it's really necessary.

  • We spoke to people on the streets to find out the questions being asked.

  • Our experts of the E.

  • C B in Frankfurt talked these questions over and came up with some clear answers.

  • Interesting, but only it's a bit since and our have to need it.

  • To answer this, we need to understand the Seabees objectives.

  • These are mainly to keep prices stable in the euro area as a whole.

  • Prices should not increase too slowly.

  • Aw, too quickly, preferably a just below 2% per year.

  • But for a long time, prices in the euro area have only been rising very slowly.

  • This is because the economy in Europe is growing at a week rate, so to meet its objective, the E C B needs to stimulate the economy.

  • To do this, it uses various instruments, such as the key interest rate.

  • The CB sets the key interest rate I'II, the price at which banks come borrow money from the E C B.

  • If the key interest rate is low, banks can borrow money cheaply as they hardly have to pay any interest.

  • Because of this, banks can also lend money to their customers at lower rates.

  • This means that customers can take out cheap loans, for example, to buy a new car or a house car.

  • Manufacturers and construction firms then also make more money.

  • Their income rises and they can pay higher wages.

  • They can also hire more people.

  • These people then also have more money and can buy more.

  • This against the economy.

  • Going a low key interest rate also has an effect on people's savings.

  • It means that savers will not earn much interest on the money they put in the bank.

  • This man knew, he savors, and many may think it's not worth saving.

  • But people who would rather spend their money also boost the economy.

  • So by keeping the key interest rate low, the CB is trying to stimulate the economy and keep prices stable in the euro area.

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  • Let's go back to the end of our last explanation.

  • Once the economy is stimulated and the demand for its products has grown, companies will want to increase their prices to ensure that prices don't increase too quickly.

  • For E.

  • C B will once again step in fulfilling its mandate to keep prices stable throughout the euro area assumes the economy is doing well and prices are rising.

  • The CB will increase the key interest rate again, so low interest rates today help us lay the foundations for higher interest rates tomorrow.

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為什麼利率低? (Why are interest rates low?)

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