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  • pneumonia has hit center of China's Han City How it spreads, only that it can pass.

  • China, ordering a quarantine for the entire city of experts are warning it's likely become a pandemic.

  • There at least 11 confirmed case.

  • Corona virus saws h one n one lars.

  • Every time a severe new variant of the flu emerges, we're reminded of how quickly a deadly disease can become a global threat or a pandemic.

  • What is a flu pandemic?

  • According to the W H O.

  • It's a new virus that spreads around the world, one against which most people don't have immunity and to understand what a mass casualty pandemic might look like.

  • Health experts point to a stark warning from history.

  • Theo.

  • End of the first World War.

  • Flu swept the globe like a medieval plague.

  • The death toll was inconceivable.

  • Dubbed the Spanish flu, this pandemic killed 50 to 100 million people.

  • That's more than the total number of deaths from the terrors of the Great War and more than the number of people killed in the first few decades of HIV.

  • And it said that some people drowned in the room, Flem, so if it was hitting or affecting the lungs.

  • People were spurting blood from their ears and their noses, descriptions of people turning blue or purple people just dropping down in the streets.

  • And in 1918 there were only about 1.8 billion people on Earth.

  • When out around 7.8 billion.

  • And we're traveling a whole lot more, raising the risk spreading disease, I want to emphasize the certainty that a pandemic will occur.

  • We just do not know when the World Economic Forum puts the spread of infectious disease up there with terrorist attacks.

  • When an outbreak hits, appropriate responses may be absent or delayed and resources will be stretched.

  • A pattern of panic and neglect tends to affect pandemic preparedness.

  • And in its most recent report into global health risks, the W.

  • H.

  • O concludes that current efforts in dealing with an outbreak remain grossly insufficient.

  • Blind spots in our preparedness in dealing with another devastating pandemic were made clear in a simulation hosted by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security and the Gates Foundation.

  • It began in a healthy looking pigs months perhaps years ago.

  • Public health agencies have issued travel advisories, while some countries have been travel from the worst affected areas in this three and 1/2 hour simulation called Event to One, a fictional pandemic infected people all around the world within six months.

  • It eventually killed an imaginary 65 million people and triggered a global financial crisis.

  • If we go down to 20% bookings over a long period, company will run down.

  • That's the fact.

  • Yeah, there's a whole complex set of issues in a highly interdependent world.

  • It's really a war footing that we need to be.

  • There is concise communication with all health care facilities where these patients are being treated so that there is a mass panic.

  • Now.

  • This exercise took place just three months before the Corona virus outbreak.

  • Organizer's have bean pains to note that this was not a prediction, but the scenario does paint a picture of the challenges were faced with in the wake of a pandemic.

  • We have to ask, Did this need to be so bad?

pneumonia has hit center of China's Han City How it spreads, only that it can pass.


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我們準備好迎接一場大流行了嗎? (Are we ready for a pandemic?)

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