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You know, when I...
when I starting hosting The Daily Show,
my dream was to learn how to read.
-No, uh, my dream... -(laughter)
was to reach people all around the world.
You know, I wanted this show to have a reach-around,
which is a phrase I invented but did not google.
-Well... -(laughter)
on Monday, my dream came true in a big way
when China's state TV network
broadcast a portion of a segment that we did
about the Chinese telecom company Huawei.
China, baby!
-(cheering, applause) -What?!
Biggest demographic in the world,
and The Daily Show just broke through.
Even better, 1.3 billion people
just heard the state news say
I was famous. Yeah.
-(cheering) -You saw that? I'm, like, famous.
And, I mean...
obviously, that's true, I am famous.
I mean, here's a picture of me with Beyoncé. Yeah?
Uh, if you zoom in, like, I'm in, like, the row...
you'll see-- I'm-I'm famous, that's all I'm saying.
But this was a really cool thing,
so for more on this amazing achievement,
we're joined now to celebrate
with The Daily Show's own Roy Wood Jr., everybody!
-(cheering, applause) -What up, Roy?
What up, Roy?
-Oh, man! -Hey. What's going on?
Isn't this amazing, dude?
Our segment played all over China.
-Did you see that? -Oh. I'll tell you what I saw, Trevor
I saw you use this platform to spread Chinese propaganda!
Is Trevor even your real name?
Or should I call you by your spy name,
-African Panda? -(laughter)
No, Roy, what are you talking about?
No, you-you can't watch one segment
that China decided to rebroadcast,
then claim that I'm working for a foreign power.
-What are you talking about? -One segment? Really, Trevor?
You might fool all these sheeple in here,
but I've done my research, and I found that you've been using
The Daily Show to spread propaganda around the world.
China's just the tip of the iceberg.
Here's where you teamed up with North Korean state television.
If you ask me, I'm excited for this Korean invasion.
The jig is up, Panda. The jig's up.
-No, no, no. -You're a spy!
-No, no, no, no. No, no, come on. -He is a spy!
-No, come on, come on. Come on. -Spy!
None of that... none of that is true.
Oh, so you're denying having cute dimples?
Okay, that part is true.
But... but the line was taken out of context.
When I said "Korean invasion,"
I was talking about the Korean boy band BTS, right?
I'm happy that their music is invading America.
-I'm not a spy. -But you're still a traitor
who pledges allegiance to the Russians!
Roll the clip!
I, Trevor Noah,
pledge my life to Mother Russia
and the glorious Communist Revolution1
Care to explain?
Okay, that-that last one was real.
I was, um... I was going through a phase.
I fell in love with a Russian bot on Twitter,
and then things... things got out of hand.
-I knew it. I knew it. -But I'm-I'm not a spy. It's just...
Hello, 911?
Yeah, I'd like to report a traitor.
What's that, you want me to call the FBI?
Hell, I'm not calling the FBI. I got parking tickets.
Just send over Jason Bourne.
You got a five-minute head start.


特雷弗受到中國官方媒體的熱捧 每日秀 (Trevor Gets a Shout-Out from China's State Media | The Daily Show)

33 分類 收藏
Man Chi 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 16 日
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