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  • (Marie? In a second. Hold on, I'm busy. Ah, Marie are you ready? We have to shoot the

  • next video. What's it about? Procrastination, Q & A. F**k that, I'm busy!)

  • It's time for another Q & A Tuesday. Should we try that again? It's Q & A Tuesday! It's

  • Q & A Tuesday.

  • Q: Okay so we have a great question for today's Q & A Tuesday and I think it's something that

  • all of us deal with. How do you deal with procrastinations? So this is from someone

  • who writes in... I have no idea how to pronounce her name, so let's give this a try, Mijanou?

  • Mi-Jan-ooh??! Meejanow? "Meej." We're going to call you Meej and this is what she writes:

  • She writes: "How do you avoid procrastination and get a sense of urgency in the good sense

  • so that you take action now?"

  • A: Okay, so I actually have a two-part answer to this question and the first thing I want

  • to talk about is the overarching reason why all of us fight this nasty thing called procrastination.

  • And, I learned about this first from a author who I so admire, his name is Steven Pressfield

  • and he wrote an amazing book called The War of Art. If you haven't gotten it, you should

  • get it! We'll do a book review on that sometime soon.

  • Anyway, Steven talks about this idea called The Lizard Brain. So this Lizard Brain, all

  • it's concerned about is survival and the lizard brain wants to keep you hidden. It wants to

  • keep you safe. So it really stops us from doing things, from putting ourselves out there

  • that could be scary and it just basically makes us procrastinate. Now the thing that

  • you have to do is feel that fear. Feel that resistance, that resistance that actually

  • Steven Pressfield talks about that's attributed to the lizard brain, and just keep going anyway.

  • Another favorite author of mine, his name is Seth Godin. If you haven't heard of him,

  • definitely check him out and, he says all we need to do is ship. We need to ship our

  • things constantly. So what does that mean? That means writing your blog. That means produce

  • your music. That means create your videos. You have to create some momentum so you can

  • kind of push past that lizard brain and get your things going and get it out there.

  • There's no secret recipe, unfortunately, there's no secret sauce to moving past it besides

  • one of my favorite things to do is called "just do it!" Jezzdooet... So I'll talk to

  • you about what I do when it comes to getting over procrastination and that's this; tip

  • number one, this is what I do and it's called social accountability. So what does mean?

  • It means that I like to embarrass myself past procrastination. So I tell everybody and her

  • sister about what I'm going to do so that they can publically, socially hold me accountable.

  • So this way if I tell my girlfriend, "You know, I'm going to shoot these new videos

  • and you're going to see them next week." If she doesn't see them, she's going to call

  • me out on it and I'm going to be pretty embarrassed. So I like to use that social accountability

  • to get me to move past procrastination and get some sh*t done. The second thing that

  • I do is I schedule it.

  • So I often like to say, "If you don't schedule it, it's not real." And, a very wise friend

  • of mine and her name is Michelle Vargas, she was saying, "You know, if you don't want to

  • schedule it. You probably don't want to do it." And, I think that that's a very good

  • kind of inside tip for yourself because if you're not willing to put it on the calendar,

  • you're probably not willing to do it.

  • So that's all I got for you when it comes to procrastination. Again, it's a nasty thing

  • that all of us deal with but if pay attention to your lizard brain, I guarantee it if you

  • know it's there you can overcome it and then if you're anything like me, you can put some

  • public declarations out there. Get the things in your calendar and you can move past it.

  • So thank you so much for watching today. Hope you found it useful. If you like it, go ahead

  • and like it! Leave a comment below and if you want more great stuff, come and see us

  • at Thanks and I'll see you next time!

  • (Michelle, I'm fu**ing busy!)

(Marie? In a second. Hold on, I'm busy. Ah, Marie are you ready? We have to shoot the


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如何克服拖延症 (How To Overcome Procrastination)

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