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  • I'm Laura Whitmore.

  • And thank you for joining me this Sunday morning.

  • I wish we're talking under better circumstances on DDE.

  • I've been debating whether I should Woods or could come on air today.

  • But this isn't about me.

  • Yesterday we lost someone before their time at age 40.

  • Caroline Flack made the decision to take her own life.

  • And I want to talk about this.

  • I want to talk about her and give her the respect that she deserves and that she didn't always get anyone who knew Caroline.

  • I knew she was vivacious loving.

  • I've had a passion for life.

  • We just want none of this makes sense.

  • Currently Loved Dancing and Angels by Robbie Williams always reminds me of her because she done so beautifully to it.

  • On strictly on.

  • I'm going to play that song after I've said what I want to say.

  • Caroline loves music.

  • She loved to dance.

  • We shared many a dance floor gigs festival.

  • I met her just shy of 10 years ago, a V festival, and then we became friends.

  • She was bubbly and for such a small stature, commanded a room.

  • She loved to laugh and had the most infectious chuckle steals it had many struggles.

  • I'm not gonna pretend that she was perfect.

  • But is anyone?

  • She lived every mistake publicly under the scrutiny of the media.

  • Caroline loved to love.

  • That's all she wanted twice your glow.

  • Barton was important to her because the show is by finding love, friendship, having a laugh.

  • The problem wasn't the show to show to work on his loving and caring and safe and protected.

  • The problem is, the outside world is not anyone who's ever compared one woman against another on Twister.

  • Not someone because of their appearance invaded someone else's privacy, who have made mean unnecessary comments on an online firm.

  • Need to look at themselves.

  • Sorry to the press, the newspapers who create Clickbait, who demonized and tear down success.

  • We've had enough, I've seen during Listen, Twitter warriors talk of this tragedy and who they themselves with just twisted, twisted what the truth is, you don't have to tear down someone to feel good about yourself.

  • So to listeners, be kind.

  • Only you are responsible for how you treat others on what you put out in the world.

  • I've had messages I've been harassed for, just doing my job, and this is where the problem is.

  • But I want to use my platform, this platform to call people out because it's gone too far.

  • Your words affect people to paparazzi and tabloids, looking for a cheap south to trials hiding behind a keyboard.

  • Enough.

  • I'd like to thank BBC and ITV for the support that I've had and those who supported my decision to come in today as I felt it was the right thing to do.

  • Thank you to my boyfriend, the kind of man I know and to the holo, violent family who were in mourning up their colleague and friend and have been a great support over the last few hours.

  • I love you to everyone be kind in what you say.

  • I'm going to carry on today and get through this show as that's what Caroline would say to do.

  • Carl, I'm so sad for you.

  • For your family.

  • I'm angry that you saw this is your only option as I know how much love and support you had.

  • I'm sorry you didn't know that.

I'm Laura Whitmore.


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卡羅琳-弗萊克勞拉-惠特莫爾的情感致敬 (Caroline Flack: Laura Whitmore’s emotional tribute)

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