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  • Democratic front runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are crisscrossing the country ahead of the next slate of presidential primaries.

  • Six states will hold their votes next week, including the battleground state of Michigan, which Sanders narrowly won four years ago.

  • Biden leads the delegate count after a presumptive win in Maine.

  • California is leaning to Sanders, but that race hasn't been called yet, and Ed O'Keefe is following this.

  • And what are the candidates up to to keep up the fight?

  • Well, that's one big question mark for them this morning.

  • Anthony, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice president Joe Biden are now preparing for a tough fight over the future of the Democratic Party.

  • That's set to expose some of the big differences they have over key issues.

  • This idea that we didn't have a movement look at the results.

  • Look at who's showing up.

  • Former Vice president Joe Biden is calling his campaign a movement, while Senator Bernie Sanders acknowledges that his movement has struggled to bring out new voters.

  • Think that will change in the general election.

  • But I am on to be honest with you, we have not done as well in bringing young people would put a process.

  • It is not easy ahead of next week's critical primary in Michigan, a state president, Trump won by just over 10,000 votes.

  • Sanders is highlighting his differences with Biden.

  • Michigan was decimated by a terrible, terrible trade deals NAFTA PNTR with China, which cost our country some four million good paying jobs.

  • I walked the picket lines against NAFTA, went to Mexico to see what NAFTA would do.

  • Joe voted for those terrible grins.

  • Biden did vote for NAFTA, but the former vice president says he believes future trade negotiations should include input from labor and environmental leaders.

  • After his surprising turnaround on Super Tuesday, Biden's campaign is getting another boost.

  • I'm glad to say I endorse Joe Biden.

  • Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spent more than $500 million on his own run, said he'll support Biden's candidacy.

  • It's the Bloomberg comes onboard Barden of the candidates, and he will solidify his support with the political leader.

  • We're taking that on.

  • We're running a grassroots campaign, but the Sanders campaign appears to be seeking to broaden support.

  • This new ad featuring former President Obama is evidence of that Bernie is somebody who has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes.

  • As you saw, that new ad includes a clip of Mr Obama and Sanders back in 2016 on the day the former president decided to endorse Sanders is then opponent Hillary Clinton.

  • In response to the ad, Sanders said that while the two were not best friends, they talk every now and then and that he respects Mr Obama's decision to withhold his endorsement until there's a nominee.

  • But Tony, I gotta believe whichever a took that footage is is in good shape with Senator Sanders because he's got something there to prove that he stalked to the former president.

  • They may not be close, but they have taken pictures together, Thank you very much.

Democratic front runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are crisscrossing the country ahead of the next slate of presidential primaries.


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桑德斯、拜登突圍成為民主黨初選前導者 (Sanders, Biden break out as Democratic primary front-runners)

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