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  • behind in it.

  • Is that a B J p?

  • I gotta But years on on the debate as well.

  • I think he'll try to say that he hasn't got a hand.

  • But is it possible without some instigation from the B J.

  • P writing?

  • Well, no, See, the fact is we cannot deny the fact that they will not be a hand.

  • There must be a hand.

  • We're not, if not confirm they can be a hand because we have seen already.

  • What about the GOP has done in the past?

  • You have seen what happened to come.

  • Not like I said, the president place where the Congress and Melissa station.

  • So we have seen you get used to this beauty.

  • It is always the things we have a guest democracy against the Constitution against people's mandate.

  • They understand being a child is a nobody with him.

  • I'm sure he's got a mind of his own.

  • But is he going to quit because what happens?

  • God of now, fingers are pointing.

  • You be having differences.

  • No doubt on if it goes, doesn't have differences.

  • And, you know, you're accused of trying that gender differences between both of them nothing.

  • What are you guys up to?

  • What is going on?

  • Tell us.

  • Got a what?

  • A What are you going to gain if you break the Congress to form?

  • You know better than me what I would like to tell you.

  • You always said that those are not the number.

  • Should not have broken free governments.

  • Why would you try to break the Congress?

  • Congress Party?

  • The race to form that Armenian money British that is more competent than the donkey.

  • But the donkey is to Leo, right?

  • And he's out.

  • You have done in the park with the most loyal.

  • Please, Can I make my point there in the past?

  • You extend me the same courtesy, sir.

  • No, nothing.

  • It's gonna have audio.

  • Okay, Thanks, please.

  • So I can hear both together.

  • Jenny shopping now.

  • Let's really shot, please.

  • Thank you.

  • Yeah.

  • Please.

  • Now are not.

  • I will tell you that.

  • You know, there is no b.

  • J.

  • P has.

  • Today.

  • We all know that Congress is today a very big party.

  • And it is imploding, including why imploding?

  • Because they have incompetent leaders at the health.

  • Sorry, Roo.

  • They believe in dynasty politics.

  • And in the case on the test India even though he belongs to a party which is, you know, the Congress.

  • I can tell you that is far more competent any day than a leader like Old Dandy.

  • But who gets the president ship off the party?

  • It is Rahul Gandhi not voted out the test in their second George did are the tests.

  • India made it very probably that d promises that were made to the farmers and the U turn mat.

  • The tradition have not been full for any leader who works on the ground is attached to the public will face a problem, you know, when Trump promises are not fulfilled.

  • Third, Congress today synonymous to corruption and criminal politics.

  • They lack ideology there, a rudderless ship on.

behind in it.


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