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Hello there, lovely people.
It's Alex from internal life here on dhe.
Bit of a bizarre video, to say the least, but it appears that E 3 2020 will not be happening when we expected to.
It has in fact, been canceled essentially until further notice.
And, yes, you can thank the infamous cove it 19 virus.
For all of this happening, it seems like a fairly sensible thing to do to be brutally honest.
But at the same time, it is slightly disappointing how much this will affect Nintendo Wii don't know simply because obviously they usually do the old simple sort of direct livestream type thing anyway, which is pre recorded S.
I imagine that probably still going to be able to go ahead in one form or another.
As for the Tree house live stuff, Well, it's all speculation in the moment.
But again, that's not something they explicitly have to do at e three.
So that may still go ahead from Nintendo's offices or something.
Naturally, this is disappointing, but it is gonna be interesting to see how this effect see three with the likes of Sony already previously saying, they're not gonna be going on.
Now this.
It's gonna be really interesting to see what the future holds for e three.
Whether it continues to be what it kind of always has been or whether it evolves into something else.
Something a bit more like E g x.
I don't know.
But anyway, that's all from me.
I see you later.


E3 2020 Has Been Cancelled Due to Coronavirus COVID-19

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 16 日
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