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  • trial against Harvey Weinstein is underway in New York City.

  • The ex Hollywood producer has pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and sexual assault incidents that allegedly took place in 2013 and 2006.

  • If convicted, Weinstein could face life in prison here with the latest this senior media writer Jean Mattis.

  • Jean gotta have you.

  • All right, So what is going on with the latest?

  • So they're still doing jury selection?

  • They started jury selection last week, and basically what they do every day is they bring in 120 or so citizens of Manhattan and go through them all and ask, Do you think you could be fair in this case today?

  • One of those randomly selected New Yorkers Waas Gigi Hadid, the supermodel, which was notable.

  • She obviously said that she knows Harvey Weinstein, but she also knows people like some heck, who has come out, you know, with some very strong accusations against Harvey Weinstein, right?

  • So you would think maybe not an ideal juror.

  • But she said that she could be fair to him and impartial.

  • And so, like everybody else who said that she was basically given a questionnaire filled it out, and we'll be back on Thursday for more screening.

  • So technically, she's still potentially could be on the jury now.

  • It's a little hard to say right now, but how long could this trial go into?

  • I've read, maybe through March.

  • We're expecting first week of March to have a verdict, but they are still in jury selection.

  • They think opening statements could be middle of next week.

  • That holds true than some time.

  • First week of March.

  • Hopefully, we have a verdict at that point.

  • But, you know, it could obviously be the way it's been delayed before.

  • There's also on L A connection.

  • The first day of the trial was the same day that the Los Angeles D A.

  • Jackie Lacey.

  • She also filed charges against Harvey Weinstein.

  • I'm here today to announce that my office has charged Harvey Weinstein with sexually assaulting two women in Los Angeles County.

  • This was the first day of the trial in New York.

  • We were all sort of geared for looking at New York and ready to cover that and then all of a sudden, in L.

  • A.

  • There's this big announcement.

  • Everybody come downtown.

  • We've got a big announcement about Harvey Weinstein.

  • So they had filed four charges against Harvey Weinstein for rape and sexual assault.

  • Things like that.

  • Based on two incidents that took place supposedly within 48 hours of each other in February 2013.

  • These They're both hotel room incidents of the kind that we've heard before, many times about Harvey Weinstein.

  • He could potentially face 28 years in jail on those charges, but obviously it's gonna take a while to sort out because first, after trying in New York, So it won't be, I'm sure until 2021 that we're looking at a trial thanks to you for keeping us.

trial against Harvey Weinstein is underway in New York City.


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吉吉-哈迪德被傳喚為哈維-韋恩斯坦審判的潛在陪審員。 (Gigi Hadid Called as Potential Juror in Harvey Weinstein Trial)

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