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  • I think these are 35 changed that are being implemented.

  • The public sector are clearly motivated by the government looking at this idea that there's some kind of tax loss from people not operating in paying tax as employees, but his workers or contracted instead and so we'll see how that plays out in the public sector.

  • But it may well be that coming down the track, these changes may be implemented for private sector contractors as well that something will have to watch very closely.

  • It will be a much bigger challenge for HMRC to be able to introduce that.

  • But as we start to see the way the impact is on the public sector happening, we can try and work out where the government is going in the private sector and be able to repair their client to work in the private sector for those kinds of changes which are quite significant, there's a lot of talk within the sector about the legislation moving eventually to the private sector as well as public sector on dhe.

  • I'm really hopeful that that won't be the case because I simply cannot see the private sector accepting these changes in accepting responsibility for determining people's I are 35 status.

  • Um, I actually think that the legislation is in such a mess at the moment that when it comes into practice, it will not be straightforward on the complexities that will arise around it.

  • May may very well in themselves mean that it's impossible to roll out to the private sector.

  • That said, Do you think we would be naive if we didn't keep an eye on whether it's likely to come out to the private sector?

  • And I do know some private sector big clients are keeping an eye on it and they're aware that it may it may become their responsibility and future with private sector is possibly going to remain the same for the next couple of years.

  • We can never say that it's not going thio burn to the other side of the fans.

  • But hopefully the we'll see what happens if the public sector and and I'm sure it's not as easy to to switch over because the complexity involved in the private sector so the future of our certified legislation is quite uncertain.

  • I think at the moment, partly because we need to see how the public sector is going to react to the change is there's a lot of confusion around how they should interpret things, Onda.

  • Also, there's ah lack of expertise in the public sector in dealing with the rules at all.

  • So it's going to be interesting journey of the next few months.

  • I think with the introduction of the new legislation, calling an Apple is gonna give a lot of opportunities for account Thio ascertain people's status because we're gonna be in a position where a lot of people are automatically placed inside.

  • I are 35 when they shouldn't be.

  • It's a bit of a sledgehammer to crack and no.

  • So we're gonna be in a position where we had to advise people on how to get out off the situation they're in and get back into a normal taxation status.

  • But my concern is if it does prove to be fruitful for the Treasury that it comes in next year for private sector contractors, that's an area of concern.

  • However, the receipts that the Treasury have predicted a much lower than was originally predicted less than sort of.

  • I think it's 10% of the original total So we need to stay on the money girls before we make in a serious decisions there.

  • So in regards to changes for hire 35 for the future, I don't actually think that the legislation itself is going to change.

  • But what I do think is that it's only gonna be public sector that's affected.

  • It's not going to roll out to the private sector.

  • I do, however, see that it's gonna be less determination based on the actual legislation, on more on supply and demand off the contract to skills.

  • So if the public sector is relying on a specific skill, they won't want to lose those contractors and they'll go to the private sector.

I think these are 35 changed that are being implemented.


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對會計師來說:IR35立法的未來會怎樣? (For accountants: what does the future hold for IR35 legislation?)

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